Lies I tell myself


Edition 1 ... we all tell ourselves white lies most days right?

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  1. If I buy something on eBay, I 'won' it therefore its as good as free. And I wonder why S wouldn't let me go to auctions when we were house hunting.
  2. When the 3 year old is playing on/watching the ipad, he's actually learning and even, 'getting school ready' and watching cartoons I watched as a child on youtube are definitely not as terrible as watching TV (Gummi Bears anyone?).
  3. The wine/cola/juice I consume totally count towards my 2L of water intake a day ... right? Why does 8 glasses of water a day seem impossible but 8 glasses of wine can be done in one meal?
  4. I'll just buy this dinosaur and put it in the cupboard for Christmas. Who am I kidding? Its totally going to be used for bribery or given in a moment I'm feeling totally sappy and blessed with my biggest boy.  
  5. The baby is going to sleep through tonight so enjoy that extra glass of wine and another episode of XYZ on Netflix ... 1am rolls round, I'm still lying to myself and the baby wakes at 1:30am to party.
  6. That shopping I just brought in? It totally doesn't count, its all homewares aka essentials for the house and to be enjoyed by all, not just me - as I pull out concrete diamonds and painted timber blocks and bits of marble (in a house with all boys). 
  7. Today will be a good day, my house will be clean, my washing up to date, I will serve the boys nutritious meals with minimal sugar that they will gobble up, I will sing and play dinosaurs and the boys will be delightful, they will nap and be cooperative. Ha - this one is the biggest lie of all but I persist in telling it to myself on Sundays.

Happy Friday - what are some lies you'll tell yourself this weekend?

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