I confess ...


My ongoing confessions to a not so perfect life:

I'm sad that my husband no longer has a regular sports night or boys night to go to every week. I know most wives prefer the extra set of hands for dinner bath bed but I would love my own company one night a week to watch trashy tv and eat popcorn for dinner once the boys are in bed.

I am doing an exercise program run by the Bachie, Sam Wood. I  never watched The Bachelor but some girlfriends got me on to his 28 exercise program and I'm loving it ... but I haven't shared the Bachie connection to it with anyone yet. 

I bribeE to eat all the fruit in his lunchboxes by adding just 3 Allens Jelly Tots to the treat compartment. If he doesn't eat all his fruit, no lollies the next day. Let me tell you, those teeny tiny jellies are prime negotiating tools. 

I'm over the washing grind. Sort, wash, dry, fold, put away. Especially as S doesn't even bother putting his clean clothes away... its all he has to do in the process but no, they sit in a neat folded pile in front of his side of the wardrobe for weeks until they end up back in the wash. So I've taken a stand and while it is killing my OCD, I'm leaving them there. Oh, and I'm not even turning his clothes in the right way before folding. Its my petty protest.

My car is a tip at the moment. Wrappers, odd shoes (mine and the boys), drink bottles, paper, random happymeal (shhhh) toys, bags of things to donate or take to kindy/mums/sisters, sand/crumbs everywhere and not to mention the outside could use a clean too.

My littlest kid spent 4 mins in time out this morning in his cot. He is out of control crazy hysterical lately and S had to leave early for work today. After 15 mins of him screaming at my feet or attacking his brother while I was getting ready, I put him in the cot in time out. Every 5 mins or less I went in and was told 'go way, out!' so I went on with my makeup etc.
When it came time to change him including nappy, he fought me tooth and nail and was deposited with much relief (by me) at his grandmother's in a nappy, long sleeve tee and nothing else. I admit, I gave up this morning and needed my mama to come to the rescue - which she did thankfully.

But you know what? 
I'm a really great mumma to E and C and a really great wife to S.
I'm not perfect but they don't need perfect, 
they just need me, imperfections and all.

What are your confessions to a less than perfect life ...

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