Christmas gift guide for the nieces & nephew



With 3 nieces and a nephew to shop for this year, plus my boys, I like to get a jump on Christmas nice and early. I wasn't quite as organised as last year but not too far off schedule and definitely done before December - got to be happy with that.

My nieces are 2.5, 3 and 3.5 so mostly at the same stage of obsessions with Frozen and the Disney Princess still the favourites while my nephew will be just on 3 months at Christmas (so there is no real obsession yet to cater too - although I've already warned my sister about Lightning McQueen, Dusty and Buzz Lightyear).

The girls are pretty spoilt as it is (thanks to doting grandparents ... and aunty), so every occasion I'm faced with the challenge of finding new and exciting gifts that someone else won't have already bought for them and with my nephew being a newbie, there isn't a whole lot right now he needs that hasn't already been gifted.

Here are the gifts I've come up with this year...

For miss 3.5:
  • Country Road ruffle spot dress with cut out back - in a light cotton, who doesn't want a pretty Summer party dress
  • Country Road yellow spot bikini - I love that the top is a modest cut
  • I also have some stocking stuffer bits including a Minions playdoh set, Frozen figurines and a Rapunzel barbie 

For miss 3:
  • Disney Princess figurines playset all the way from the Disney Store in Hawaii
  • Frozen pajamas
  • Puppy Surprise toy dog
  • I've also put together a craft box with paints, scissors, glue, foam stickers, glitter, chalk etc - my sil may kill me for this one

For miss 2.5 
  • Puppy Surprise toy dog - my sis had one growing up and adored it so when I saw them released again this year, I knew it was the perfect sentimental gift for my niece
  • Fisher Price Little People sets - Aurora & Friends and Belle & Friends - we got her the castle last year and Lill knows that Aurora is my favourite and Belle is her mummy's favourite ... unfortunately there isn't a set for her favourite, Cinderella.
  • Frozen lip glosses - all the way from the Paris Disney Store
  • Beetle game - we had and loved this as a child so I don't doubt she'll be a fan - my sister may hate me for all the parts she'll find everywhere

For my nephew:
  • A practical gift in the Skip Hop backpack, lunchie and drink bottle set - its something of a tradition here though with his sister and cousins all having a set
  • A plush Mickey Mouse stocking from Paris Disney - my sister bought E and my nieces stockings from California Disneyland when they were 1 so it seemed fitting that S get one for our nephew and C when he was in Paris this year
  • I also have some Disney hardcover stories including Toy Story, Cars and Planes to get his collection started

What do you buy for the children who have everything? 

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