A snapshot


It seems a lifetime ago that I was documenting every week of my first pregnancy then every month of Es life. Cue second pregnancy and the posts were slightly less regular and monthly B2 updates virtually nonexistent. 
I loved reading similar posts by fellow bloggers so much and I loved documenting the little details I would have all but forgotten in the whirlwind that is #mumlife with two little boys.
This is a teeny tiny snapshot of the boys right now ...

Ethan at 3 years 11 months
A beautiful little soul, E is already such a gentleman. Kind, so so so empathetic and intuitive, he makes my heart melt almost everytime he opens his mouth. 
He wants to know everything, has endless questions about the World and his imagination is magical. 'Tell me about the birds mama, all the birds' as he pulls up a seat next to me and looks expectant. And he remembers everything!
He loves puzzles, monster trucks, dinosaurs and building creations with Duplo. Much to daddy's delight, he is also obsessed with Star Wars and knows all the characters ... he also walks around the house humming the theme music.
He is always going on an adventure complete with 'accessories' and appropriate dress-up.
He loves to read, snuggle and kisses me through the front windscreen when I leave for work in the mornings, telling me to be good.
His vocabulary blows my mind, I don't know where he learns so many big words and he always uses them in context.
His favourite foods are homemade pizza, lasagne and 'bisotto' (my homemade risotto), milkshakes and chocolate - he's a sugar fiend which makes us laugh as S and I can take or leave chocolate and sweets.
He loves to watch Dino Dan, Peter Pan (Disney), Star Wars (the original 3) and Curious George.
He still lets me choose his clothes but mostly insists on dressing himself.
He loves kindergarten, has a big circle of friends and beautiful manners.

Charles aka Chuck aka Charley Bear at 2 years old
My wild one, self named 'Yuck and 'Yarles. He is a tornado and then some. I am constantly walking into rooms to finding him standing on stools or leaping off the armchair calling 'watch out'. Danger baby, this kid climbs anything he can and has no fear.
He loves stomping around in S' basketball shoes or my heels or careening around corners with his 'bubba' in the toy stroller.
He is funny, so so funny and he knows it with the cheekiest brightest grin I'm sure I've ever seen. 
He is a snuggly boy, always launching himself into my arms calling 'cuddle, cuddle' and loves resting back on me, pulling up his top and saying 'muuuumeee tickle tickle 'nummy' (tickle his tummy).
He loves watching The Wiggles, Teletubbies (for the Sun baby) and In the Night Garden - he points at the TV in the morning calling 'Wiggles, Piggle, I watch'.
He is fiercely independent and everything is 'I will do it' including dressing himself.
Lasagne, 'yoclat (chocolate), strawberries & cake are all favourites to eat.
I hear 'Goooo waaaayyy' alot if he doesn't get what he wants 
He loves to play with animal figures, his Chewbacca plush and is obsessed with real life birds and geckos.
Constantly keeping us guessing and on our toes, he can have me at my wit's end before giving me a smile that has me thinking he's the cutest kid I've ever seen.

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