Master bedroom renovating


Master bedroom

It feels like the World's slowest master bedroom renovation ever but in fairness, we've only been in our house for 12 months and there has been many more important tasks to tackle given we can comfortably sleep in the spare bedroom ... I'm looking at you spackled paint halls and '80's archways to name just a few projects. But finally our master has crept almost to the top of the 'to do' list and we are making (slow) progress. 

The master itself is a huge job as it needs a new wardrobe built in and fitted, walls prepped and painted and all new flooring... so not quite your five minute fix.

In happy news for me, our wardrobe is nearing its final stages and I am literally itching to get my our things sorted, culled and neatly put away, seasonal/colour/style coded of course. I played a big role in decided on the fit out design and we are making the most of the space with two columns of shelves/drawers, two sections of double hanging, one section of long hanging and another column of shelves plus the bulkhead shelf that runs the length... one day I'll have a walk-in again but until then, this should work.

The whole room will be painted natural white and it already gets lots of natural light (so I'll be getting some plantation shutters in as soon as possible as both a feature and to block the light when necessary) and the flooring we are still debating. We would like to do the whole house in ash coloured wood grain planks when we do the kitchen renovation however my cousin is a carpet layer and can do the room for us in charcoal carpet now for next to nothing. I'm tempted to just go with this as the rest of the flooring is still a way off. 

We bought a new grey upholstered king size bed with gas lift and underneath storage - perfect hiding spot for Christmas presents and space bags of Winter gear - and I would like to find either a vivid colourful piece of art to hang above the bed, that or a long picture ledge that I can change up as often as I like.

I haven't decided on bedsides yet but I think I want side tables over drawers as I find they tend to accumulate junk. I love the Freedom spaghetti tables but of course they are from many seasons ago so hopefully they bring out something similar again soon.

For lighting, I'd love a chandelier but a fan really is a necessity on the Gold Coast so down lights it is but I had the bright idea we should hang pendants over the bedsides rather than bother with lamps taking up space (and of course bought them straight away). It looks like they aren't going to work though thanks to the ideal bed positioning and location of the air conditioning uni :(

I have the small desk pictured to use a dressing table with a ghost chair under the wall mounted TV but I'm still questioning whether we should go with a tall boy instead. I guess it will ultimately depend on how much I cram into the wardrobe when its finished.

I'll post pics when it is actually completed (trust me, its a war zone right now).

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