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Quick and easy being very much the key in our menu planning of course, it became a bit dull and uninspiring for awhile so in the interests of getting motivated to cook again, I hit up Pinterest.

I have something like 67 boards with a hundred pins each including a quite comprehensive 'Ready Steady Cook' board of recipes that I've never actually cooked from so I decided to  start giving them ago.

One of my absolute favourites so far would have to be the mushroom, rocket and walnut pesto pan fried gnocchi. Completely delicious and pretty simple too thanks to the Thermi.

I also tried out this Mongolian slow cooker beef served with fried rice. It was super easy and tasty plus handy for leftovers for lunches.
Ideal for a Sunday dinner as you can set it and forget.

Not from Pinterest but double wrap tacos with homemade slow cooker Mexican shredded beef are back on regular rotation. S and I are Mexican food fiends and are back to embracing Taco Tuesdays - although sometimes with fajitas, enchiladas and crispy chicken burritos for variety. The double wrap is definitely my favourite of all though.
Our other favourite Mexican this month is a slap up burrito x chimichanga concoction involving a burrito kit, 1 chicken breast, a red capsicum, 1 red onion and a can of corn drained and all stirfried before being wrapped in little parcels with some sour cream, salsa and cheese and baked until golden - amazing as leftovers for lunch too.

Also not from Pinterest, just good old is this delicious and super simple San Choy Bow recipe. The boys aren't fans but Scott and I are having this weekly as its so fresh and tasty with minimal effort - I do cheat and use my Thermi to chop the ingredients finely but I cook it all up in the wok.
You can also cook it without garlic and it still tastes great - my mum can't eat garlic (crazy I know) so we tried it without when she was over. And dry roasted chopped cashews work over peanuts if that's all you have on hand.
I also recommend going heavy on the soy and oyster sauces and a sprinkle of Maggi Seasoning sauce to finish it off.

And this one takes the cake for ultimate quick easy lazy dinners! Lemon herb chicken wraps. I just buy the Coles lemon herb chicken tenderloin skewers, bbq them and throw them on some pita bread or wraps with tzatziki, baby spinach, tomato and sliced cucumber.
Perfect for the current heatwave - or when your kids are still up at 8:30pm.

Any quick easy recipes you're loving?

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