Snapshot 4.7 and 2.8


A quick snapshot of these two crazies right now ...

Ethan at 4 years 7 months
The sweetest little boy still, he can be very sensitive and is unbelievably dramatic - a slight bump comes with endless Oscar winning theatrics.
He is full of compliments and answers, 'mumma you smell so beautiful today' and 'did you know all the dinosaurs died after a volcano erupted and lava covered them all'.
He loves to tell me 'take care polar bear' and 'stay sweet karapeet (parakeet)" as I leave for work.
His memory blows my mind - and a little terrifying if I'm honest, I'm wondering what on earth will come back to bite me from months ago on a daily basis.
He still loves dinosaurs and Star Wars, has upgraded to Lego from Duplo and is completely hooked on playing Pokemon Go with daddy thanks to Uncle J.
He has also discovered Transformers Rescuebots and is a big fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
E loves to set up 'worlds' in the yard or house using his toys and whatever is on hand from boxes to small tables and cushions or doonas - the latest is Jurassic World for his dinosaurs.
He loves to have friends over to play and as the weather is so hot, he wants to slip'n slide every afternoon.
Favourite foods are still homemade pizza, pasta and simple meals like crumbed chicken and veg. Still a sugar fiend, he loves chocolate milkshakes and chocolate but requests a huge green smoothie and a boiled egg for breakfast every day.
He loves to watch Pokemon, Transformers RescueBots, Star Wars (the original 3) and Lego Super Heroes.
He still loves his kindergarten, is learning so much  and is very much a perfectionist with a keen desire to win - we did have a kindy Olympics incident where he didn't want to compete in case he didn't win ... a little too much of mummy in that incident for my liking.
With the kindest thoughtful nature, he has a big circle of friends at kindy and among our friends' children and is teh sweetest big brother, always trying to talk C down from his ledge of meltdown territory 'come on bubba, calm down, give me a cuddle, its ok' to which C usually responds to with a screech and a flailing arm.
He also says he's never travelling on an airplane again because he doesn't want to be sick like in Japan - we both have some scarring from that incident I think.
Thankfully I still get to choose his clothes.

Charles aka Chuck aka Charley Bear at 2 years 8 months
Much like the last snapshot, C, who now calls himself 'Chuck', is still my wild one. A total tornado with a head made of solid stone. He terrifies and frustrates me on a daily basis with little regard for consequences and spatial awareness.
He's also taken to following up his terrifying feats with a falsely contrite 'sorry mum' and giving me a pat - hard to get cross then.
He is yet to meet a dress up he doesn't love and is especially hooked on Star Wars, often dressing up in a Darth Vader cape and mask and light saber to walk down the hall doing the 'wooo shhh' sound effects to mimic Vader's breathing - hilarious!
He wants to 'help' with everything and I've found the easiest way to get dinner done is by giving him a bowl, a small measuring cup of water and one of rice to add and stir - it buys me at least 5 minutes.
My 'Chuck' has the cheekiest smiliest little grin and still begs tummy tickles every night.
New favourites to watch are the Toy Story series - he runs around the house calling 'to infinity and beyond' (funny as E always wanted to be Woody) - and Star Wars which completely mesmerises him - he knows every character at 2 years old and can give a running commentary on the middle 3. Its either those or Hey Dugee - I think I prefer Star Wars.
Very independent, he insists on doing everything himself and as a result, has almost mastered dressing himself without any assistance.
He seems to have hit a fussy stage with food and will only eat pasta, yoghurt, pureed apples, whole apples and watermelon but he loves a green juice in the mornings and smearing peanut butter on bread - himself of course .
I still get lots of 'Goooo waaaayyy' if he doesn't get what he wants but lots of kisses and snuggles at wakeups and bedtime.
He is starting to playact with Lego and E's Star Wars figures and generally wants to do anything E is doing.
He is obsessed with swimming, loves lessons and tells us to go away before launching himself off the edge - and sinking like as tone. He's actually doing pretty well swimming independently with his abilities growing every week thanks to his no fear attitude.
This kid pushes me to the absolute limit and brings me back again with just a smile.

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