Mothers Day 2015


I spent Mother's Day 2014 in hospital with my littlest boy recovering from my C-section and the jury is still out one year on as to whether or not C was actually a gift (jokes).

This year, top of my Mother's Day wish list (like every other mother I know) is SLEEP! Imagine a day to just rest at will and roll over and go back to sleep if you choose. We are in the throes of some pretty poor sleeping by our littlest boy at the moment, combined with full time work and a threenager, all making for one exhausted mumma here so sleep would be a pretty fabulous gift.

But a day of sleep is off the cards - S is working Mother's Day - so here's what is on my list instead:

Glasshouse Birds of a Feather pink sorbet candle
It smells utterly divine and is their limited edition for Mothers Day 2015 (I got the pink lemonade one in 2014 and have been rationing it since).
Glasshouse has also released the candle with a gift pack including hand cream this year

A massage of any kind that concentrates on my neck and shoulders
Nursing a giant baby means my neck and shoulders are almost always aching lately and to lay down in silence and have the aches rubbed away sounds like a dream.

My favourite author has a new book out! Hooray! I've been reading MHC since my very early teens and my only gripe with her is that she doesn't write fast enough.

I also have my eye on some jewellery pieces at the moment but we don't really do extravagant M/F Days so I'll be saving them for my birthday or Christmas wish list.

But of course the very best part of Mother's Day has nothing to do with gifts, it will be spending the day with the two little guys who made me a mother and time with my own beautiful mother.

What is on your Mother's Day wish list?

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