Our baby is One!


Delayed but that's life with a toddler and a baby plus working full time I guess.

Our littlest boy turned one earlier this month and of course it wouldn't have been fair to not throw him a first party like we did with E - I swear the second kid does get a raw deal but that's for another post. Cue a guest list of 70+ and over 50 attendees including a circus of 20+ children under 10 but we love to entertain our family and friends so it was a wonderful day made even better by our amazing backyard that suits crowds and children and fun.

There was no theme and no face painter like Es but we did put up the boys' jumping castle ... although the children has more fun digging in the play yard with E's fleet of Tonka trucks. Kept food simple with a sausage sizzle, cold beers and lots of homemade finger foods the boys love including chocolate crackles - because what children's party is complete without them!

C had a great time and E was in his element running around with all of his 'big' friends (our friends' 5 year olds).

Its hard to believe our baby is now a one year old and every day he seems more like a little boy and less like a baby - which of course has me longing for another baby. Don't worry, not yet though!

Turning one has been a turning point for this little guy with the milestone producing a much happier boy almost miraculously overnight. As I've mentioned before, I'm sure Charlie hated being a baby and it seemed he was always unhappy or frustrated. Like seriously, unless I was holding him, he would scream his head off ... ALL. THE. TIME. Since crawling, and now toddling/cruising/stepping, realising his own strength and mastering some fine motor skills all started, our boy is sleeping better (we've even had some sleep through the nights this past week) and just so much happier all around. He goes to other people for cuddles now, smiles for his grandmothers (this is a big deal) and is growing into the most delightful (and feisty) little boy.

He's got quite a temper on him and a distinct lack of patience (like his mummy). Quick to grit his teeth and tantrum if he doesn't get his way, he gives the most heart melting snuggles and at the most unexpected moments, he will lay his head on your shoulder and just be still ... its those moments that I pinch myself and can't believe how blessed I am.

Food is one definite way to his good side and he especially loves watermelon (like squeals and claps with glee when I pull it out of the fridge), banana, cheese, steamed broc cauli carrot and corn, blueberries, arrowroot biscuits and especially anything on big brother's plate ... he's been known to go after Ethan's dinner if E doesn't eat it fast enough.

He's also pretty capable of taking care of himself and getting his way as I witnessed yesterday with his big brother and 2 year old cousin... they took a toy from him and he followed them around tugging it back. When a scuffle ensued he threw in some hair pulling and calculated headbutting and even went in for a bite as I intervened. Future UFC wrestler maybe?

He worships his big brother and MUST be in the middle or on top of whatever E is doing, follows him around the house no matter how E tries to escape and always offers him a bite of his mushy half chewed biscuits. He literally claps and giggles and jumps out of my arms as we walk the corridor at kindy to E's room at pickup and breaks into the biggest smile when he spots big brother. E feels the same (most of the time) and cuddles and kisses him before me even.

Obsessed with toys that 'woof woof' and phones, everything is a phone to be held to the ear when we say 'ring ring' and he loves to clap when he's very happy. A clever little guy, he attacks my framed photos and holds them out to me saying 'uh uh' - so cheeky! Waving 'bye bye' gets him jumping and waving both hands in excitement, I suspect he hasn't realised 'bye' means someone is leaving... either that or he's particularly happy when I go.

Charles, Charlie, Chuck, Charley Bear and monkey, as your big brother would say, we love you to the moon and back and all the stars in the sky. You make our days busy and our lives that much happier just by being you.

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