I confess


My ongoing confessions to a not so perfect life:

I hate playdoh... the smell, the touch ugh! I can't stand it and have been known to tell E its gone, not working etc and use almost any other means of distraction rather than get the stuff out. I also admit to feeling quite happy when he doesn't pack it away as then it dries out and I can toss it.

E went through a stage of only eating bolognaise ... so I went with it and let him have it every night. My concession was I made it from scratch in the TMX and it was most just vegetables in fresh tomato/napoli sauce.

I'm the mean mum - we let E hunt down 15 Cadbury eggs on Easter Sunday in our yard and now we are through April, he's eaten maybe 3 and I've stashed the rest with all the other chocolate he was given to use for baking seeing as how S and I don't really eat it.
I don't have anything against chocolate for E, just how hyper and wild he goes when he has some.

We had a party to go to last weekend so I painted over the top of my chipped toenail polish while bouncing C for a nap and supervising E playing. You can imagine how it looked and it was probably the third time I'd painted over without removing the polish ... who has time to sit with remover ... or get out for a pedicure.

The boys didn't get a bath last night. I was solo parenting as S was at work late, neither had napped all day and just whinged and whined (or screamed in C's case) at my feet until bedtime. In fairness, they still got a balanced dinner and bedtime story.

On the subject of last night, I ate a bowl of microwave popcorn and a peppermint magnum for dinner ... how's that for balanced.

I laugh at tantrums. Its probably a little mean really but C, has started throwing full blown 2 year old type tantrums - the ones where they toss themselves face down and kick their legs and bang their little fists. E didn't start those till 18 months at least. Its pretty hilarious to watch in my defence as he's only 11 months old but strong willed enough to know exactly what he is doing ... he pats the ground in front prior to make sure its soft enough (he only throws tantrums on carpet or play mats) and then down he goes. He pauses long enough to look up and gage my reaction before continuing until I pick him up.

When I open my mouth, my mother comes out... and its getting worse. Winning replies lately include 'that's ok, I don't need to be your best friend, I'm your mother' or 'eat your dinner, there are children starving and you won't eat' and my favourite, 'well life's not fair, get used to it.' Its been a trying time in our house lately with sleep deprivation taking its toll.

My kid is The Biter at kindy! I'm already getting called to the office and he's only in the babies room ... what are we going to do when he's in year 2. In response, I've given him lemons and oranges to play with - won't be so fun biting them I think.

I've made my peace with tomato sauce and add it to Es dinner if it means he will eat. Its particularly useful for hiding green vegetables in meals - E is on a green food strike at the moment.

But you know what? 
I'm a really great mumma to E and C and a really great wife to S.
I'm not perfect but they don't need perfect, 
they just need me, imperfections and all.

What are your confessions to a less than perfect life ...

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  1. I can relate to all your confessions, R!

    SSG xxx

    1. That definitely makes me feel better xx

  2. I ate most of my daughter's Easter chocolate.
    My daughter insists on tomato sauce and or sour cream with dinner, I usually give in.
    There was a basket a clean, unfolded washing sitting in our lounge room for 5 days - which I think is a record for our house.
    Instead of vacuuming and mopping the non-carpeted areas of our house I swept but it's still filthy but I can't see myself doing anything about it until tomorrow.


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