I am still thermo-mixing and loving my machine possibly even more than I used to. So much so I convinced my boss to buy one (and I've only been back at work a week) and my amazingly talented in the kitchen aunt when she visited for a weekend last month ... yep, I'm that persuasive when I love something.

Our favourite recipes on rotation at the moment come from my favourite Thermo-mixer, TRTLMT (The Road to Loving My Thermo-mixer). Peta has some of the most seriously amazing yet seriously easy recipes for our whole family and I use her list almost daily.

Krispy Fried Chicken
This is better than KFC! I'm not kidding, Peta has seriously nailed the spice and herb mix to come up with a coating that is better than KFC's own. We use tenderloins and make up a huge batch when we do this as its delicious cold in wraps with lettuce and sour cream for lunch the next day.
I made up jars of this coating for my in laws and some other friends as part of a Christmas hamper and have had requests from all for a refill.

S and I are huge fans of Mexican and this recipe makes for a tasty dinner. Shredded seasoned chicken in wraps with salsa and baked with cheese - yes please!

Hidden veg mac & cheese for C
Packed with loads of pureed veg including cauli and zucchini, I make this with big pasta elbows for Charlie. He has been obsessed with feeding himself pretty much since he started solids and barely tolerates spoon feeding so I'm constantly looking for meal options for him. This one is great as its a soft texture and easy for him to hold as the sauce is nice and sticky. Bonus, E and I both like this too (I add extra sharper cheese for flavour) so I freeze in portions as it makes a huge batch.

Creamy spinach and ham pasta
I trialled this recipe at 7pm one night when I realised I didn't have anything for dinner and hadn't done the groceries. It seriously took all of 20 minutes (cooking time) and absolutely no effort. I served it up to S with a warning that it was a slap up. He ate 2 big bowls and requested it again soon! I then served it to the world's fussiest toddler the following day and it was scoffed without any cajoling on my part.

I'm also still using it for all the basics including pizza dough, mini quiches for the boys, juicing and whipping up enormous batches of spicy tomato relish as its such a hit amongst our extended family that I have everyone dropping off empty jars each week to be filled.

Do you have a Thermie (or a Bellini)? What are your go to recipes?

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