Chaos Reigns


That's not entirely true. 3 days in and we seem to have fallen into a good little morning routine - for the time being (I'm not fool enough to believe it will last).

Our weekday routine has run a little like this for those interested:

I start work at 8am so I need to be out the door by 7:30am and with a toddler, a baby and a forgetful (okay, lets give it its real name, disorganised) husband to also get sorted and out the door each morning, my organisational Type A skills are in overdrive.

Every night I lay out the boys clothes for the following day, pack their bags for kindy/grammy/granny and prep what I can of their lunches.

I'm then up at 6am (while all 3 boys are asleep still), finish packing lunches, a quick tidy of the house then the boys wake at 6:30am and S does nappy changes (E is still in a nappy overnight only - we are toilet trained HOORAY) and brekky while I jump in the shower and get ready for work. We switch at 7am and while S showers, I supervise the end of brekky, grab something for myself and clean the boys up before having a quick play or story and I'm out the door leaving S to dress the boys and get them in the car at 8am.
(The Woolworths dominos help buy some peace in our house... until the baby dares to take one of big brother's favourite and stick it in his mouth and then there is shouts of 'NO Charley Bear, no no no bubba... MUMMMMMMMYYYY Charley is eating my dominos).

I finish at 3:30/4pm and collect the boys from wherever they are that day if not at our house with granny and we head home for a play in the yard - taking advantage of the last sunny afternoons before Winter weather kicks in and its dark early.

If the boys are happy playing, I leave them to it and get prepping on their dinner (or defrost one of their meals I pre-make) and aim to have them eating by 5:15pm at the latest - meal time goes to hell very quickly if I leave it too late and neither of them will end up eating.

Depending on their moods, its straight in the bath after dinner or I stretch them out till 5:45pm when Scott gets home and give him the pleasure of bath time while I clean up, pull out our dinner/ingredients and prep what I can if I haven't already, get the boys pjs, sleeping bag for C and sippy cup of milk for E. Once dressed, I feed C while we all watch some ABC Kids then Scott does teeth brushing and either puts C to bed or in the bouncer and finishes doing our dinner while I do story and settling with E.

We try to have them in bed by 7:15pm but C usually doesn't fall asleep until 8pm or if he drifts off earlier, has a cat nap then stays up till 8pm.

Once they are in dreamland, we get to eat dinner, debrief, watch some TV - we have netflix and I'm embarrassingly hooked on The Vampire Diaries - and then its rinse,  recycle and repeat with me running around prepping clothes and bags for the following day.

Some of the things I have found helpful this week include my freezer stocked with toddler/baby friendly meals and snacks I can pull out for lunches and dinners. Having bags pre-packed and clothes laid out are also a huge timesaver but are there any working mums out there with tips or suggestions on what works for them?

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