Moving house...


Because I like to make life as stressful and busy as possible, moving house seems to be a thing we save for my maternity leave and only once we've had baby to make life just that much more fun.

We have been looking to buy for a long time now and we finally bit the bullet and went with a renovator that ticked our non negotiables. - 4 bedrooms located in a cul-de-sac on 800m2 with a big fully fenced yard. There is A LOT of internal work to be done including miles of plastering, entire repainting, new wardrobes, new bathroom and toilet, new kitchen ... you get the idea, its a real renovator and I have big big plans that include knocking out walls, building, a pool. But in the meantime, that yard! We are just loving it more than I could have imagined with E loving the space to roam and go on dragon hunts.

Here are some snaps of the original home...

see what I mean... we have our work cut out for us! We've done a bit already (think new bathroom and white walls make a huge difference to the blues, purples and reds throughout) but we've barely made a dent in my list - poor S, he's scared of that list. Lucky for us, my dad, brother and brother in law are all tradies and very handy so we have lots of experience and labourers on hand and you had better believe I'm taking advantage.

I will try and get some decent pics of the boys' bedrooms and post some before and afters in the next few days as apart from rehanging their wardrobe doors and getting prints on the wall, they are at least finished.

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