Monthly update: 4 month old Charley Bear


months old! 

00 for jumpsuits! My little guy is already too long in the arms and legs for 000 so he is really growing like a weed (a very cute weed). We had 4 month needles and check up this week and he is 66cm long and 7.28kg heavy so definitely a healthy boy.

Favorite Foods: 
Mummy's milk ... Definitely no feeding issues here with you poppet.

Favorite Activities: 
You love being sung to, especially the RaRa theme song. You break out in a huge smile complete with big dimples.
You love bath time and kick like crazy much to your big brother's disgust - because often its him you're kicking.
Tummy time is also a favourite past time and you are very animated looking around and trying to grab your feet.

Least Favorite Activities:
You still despise the capsule and the car with an absolute passion. So car trips have been minimised where possible and we even caught the train to Brisbane last week to avoid the trauma for all of us.

Favorite Things: 
Your big brother is your favourite and you light up for him whenever you see him. It doesn't matter if he's looking at you or not, I often catch you just staring and smiling at him. He loves you just as much and is constantly touching you, talking to you, kissing you ... its pretty much the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

My Favorite Things:   
The spring hammock on its own stand has been a lifesaver for your day sleeps and has made it so much easier for me to resettle you after your first cycle wake. Its actually helped us set you into a nap time routine for the day and saved my sanity.  

Signature Moves: 
You give kisses now its its ridiculously cute. I say 'kisses' while holding you up and you open your mouth, lean in and coo. I seriously sit there and do it over and over with you because its so sweet. 

Other Milestones: 
You are rolling front to back and trying very hard to roll back to front now. 
I'm pretty sure you are also teething, chewing on your fingers constantly and drooling so much you go through several bibs a day.
You got to celebrate your first Father's Day with daddy and E although unfortunately Peter Alexander don't make baby sized Star Wars pajamas.

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