The Playroom


Some might think I'm exaggerating when I call E the world's most spoilt toddler but I'm really not joking. This is his playroom ... And doesn't include the toys in his bedroom and the outdoor gear he has (balls, bikes, scooter, Cozy Coupe truck, sandpit, Tonka trucks, trampoline etc):

Those boxes are jam-packed with Little People sets, talking dinosaurs and giant rubber animals, cars - both wooden and die cast, crafts, puzzles and anything else you've ever seen in the boys toy section at your local store. There is also a home corner to the right beside where I took the pic from with Little Tikes BBQ, food etc and dress up boxes.

There are a handful of toys that can be packed away as they are older baby aged but there is not a lot of point given Charlie will be into them in no time and we have two of the cubes dedicated to just Lamaze pram toys and rattles. And bright side, we don't have to re-buy any age appropriate toys for our littlest guy.

Cube storage is a godsend for playrooms and helps keep it all grouped in some semblance of order and packed away neatly... its also fun for toddlers to pull out every cube and dump the contents then exclaim 'A MESS, EINY MADE A MESS' with an oh so proud smile.

As much as I love to have a clean tidy home, I find toys strewn everywhere and all over my house doesn't bother me as much as I would have expected. I think I accept that this is my life for at least the next 5-10 years with young children and I'm happy to see the gifts he is given bring E so much joy. I'd hate to pack to pack things away from him and forget about them when they were chosen with such thought and care.

Our prerequisite with future house hunting is a dedicated children's space or family room for the boys and their toys. Somewhere located centrally in the house to the kitchen that they can play in together and when they have friends over with loose supervision. I have pinned a million playrooms on Pinterest and have some fabulous ideas I can't wait to put in place but for now, this space is fun, keeps E busy and I can close the door on it if I don't feel like facing it at the end of the day.

These are some of my favourites from Pinterest and I plan on definitely having a reading corner as E loves books and a wall covered with a World map:

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