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I thought I had been lacking some shopping mojo lately ... until I started compiling this post. Some of these are actually essentials and the rest, frivolous of course because who needs a new bikini in Winter (even if I do live on the Gold Coast).

I stocked up on Country Road henleys yesterday in their mid-season sale for the littlest boy for next Winter as he's currently living in them - $12.95 plus an extra 25% off for cardholders! So under $10 for staple basics is a ridiculous bargain. I also bought this embroidered Milk tee because its just so cute and my boy loves his milk.

Witchery knits were an essential. After spending the last 3-4 winters pregnant or breastfeeding, my winter wardrobe is non existent and particularly in knits. I loved the underlays and zip features on these for something different.

Eeeni Meeni Miini Moh sleeping cocoon for the baby (is he still a baby now he's one and walking?) is also an essentials purchase. E never slept in his cot so we never really used sleeping bags whereas this little guy sleeps mostly in his cot and with the temperatures dropping, a winter weight bag became an urgent need. We got a STTN the first time he wore it so in my books, its paid for itself ;)

A definite non essentials buy is this Delta limited edition Quartz bikini. Non essential for so many reasons including that its currently Winter and freezing and I'm am far from bikini ready ... something to work on! The print though sucked me in after I saw them posted on an insta friend's feed.

An essential buy is the Country Road quilted hoodie - see earlier knits explanation. This hoodie is so soft and very cosy, I have already worn it in my office to combat freezing air conditioning.

I could say this is an essential as E looks so cute in camouflage print and has outgrown all of his last Winter pants but he has a bursting wardrobe for Winter already so the stripes & camo for the big boy are purely a 'mummy is a shopaholic and this is outfit is too cute' purchase.

The Country Road texture print pants were an ebay buy. I was pregnant when my sister bought them instore and was kicking myself for not buying them too when I started back at work and realised that since having the boys, I actually like pants over skirts nowadays. When they came up on ebay for $20, I couldn't not snap them up! Essential buy as I severely lack work pants having always worn skirts.

Enough justification for my latest spending spree?

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