Sign me up to The Block - nursery reveal


Okay, that's not entirely true and maybe a little misleading ... sign S up to The Block (and my dad). I can't claim any credit apart from barking orders, spending money and choosing colours.

The boys rooms were first on our list to overhaul and complete in the house as we wanted them to settle in and enjoy their new spaces. Turns out their rooms were amongst the biggest jobs we could have chosen. E's room had delightful dark purple walls and a raw chipboard wardrobe fit out, a bare lightbulb, no ceiling fan and no window treatments while C's was dark blue and red with lime green inside the robe, falling apart wardrobe shelving, no fan and no window treatments. Both rooms were also dark with little natural light thanks to the overgrown overplanted garden in front of their windows.

My dad got busy with a chainsaw and took down several 5 metre palms and sprawling foliage while S got busy fitting new wardrobes and painting Dulux natural white over the garish wall colours. It took no less than 2 undercoats and 2 top coats of paint to hide the stain. Its amazing what a coat of paint can do and once we had downlights, stainless steel fans, new curtains and new wardrobes fitted out, the rooms looked like new.

I had already decided we were best following a colour scheme rather than theme for the bedrooms and E's furnishings already led to red navy and white thanks to his fire truck bed S insisted we buy and I will post his room soon.

C's room on the other hand was a beautiful blank white canvas with white cot and drawers and I was thinking navy yellow and white for his colour scheme. While shopping for a sheepskin underlay at Adairs, I spied the Lone Bandit bedding and fell in love. Fresh, light and bright, it was the perfect inspiration for his room, particularly being the smallest bedroom.

From there I found prints on etsy which I already had bookmarked - I sang him 'You are my sunshine' as a baby and nonstop during his stay in critical care as a newborn - and he was gifted the wooden rocket ship for his first birthday and never stops playing with it. The sun and cloud cushions, wire basket, wall hooks and shadow boxes are all from Kmart's ridiculously good home wares range. 

S just needs to pop some Ikea picture ledges above the dresser/change table so I can get the prints and some more pictures up and I can officially call this room complete  although I'm sure I will add bits and bobs regularly (I'm obsessed with Sonny Angels at the moment).

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