With the cold upon us, its time for warm comfort foods and easy options as its dark so much earlier in Winter and we all can't wait to snuggle in our nice warm beds - okay that's just me wanting early nights, the boys would be happy to play until they drop.

You will possibly kill me for this recipe (its calorie laden) but OMG, its spectacularly delicious! I made it to serve at Es party and a friend literally ate the remnants after it was reduced down to just the base of the cob soaked in dip - kind of like a pizza. A few people watched enviously as he did, wishing that had thought of it first ha ha!
The Cheese and Bacon Cob Loaf Dip was beyond delicious and is now a staple entertaining go to for us. In the interests of honesty though, I used a store bought cob ... I had choc crackles, mini jellies and all manner of party foods to prepare, ain't no one got time for baking bread on top of that.

These Chickpea patties were whipped up for the boys but I surprisingly enjoyed them even more than they did I suspect. If making them for adults, I'd add more seasoning (salt and pepper), a little extra parsley and the whole onion not half. Serve with a spicy relish or creamy sauce for bite size snacks or a side with dinner.

Another staple here has become the Bacon & Broccoli risotto. Easy to prepare, I always have the ingredients on hand and best of all, the toddler and the baby both eat it! We love risotto and this one is simple and tasty but be warned, it makes enough for a week's worth of meals pretty much. I like to add extra thickened cream to this at the end and load it with parmesan also. The leftovers make a hearty winter lunch.

I also started subscribing to The Four Blades magazine as I use so many TRTLMT recipes and Peta is a contributor to the mag. You can buy individual issues or subscribe in the App Store.
This month's issue is Desserts and while we don't really have much of a sweet tooth, I'm looking forward to trying delights such as Coconut Cheesecake and making Choc Fudge Sauce.

Do you have a Thermie (or a Bellini)? What are your go to recipes?

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