2 under 2 - life lately


I am officially THAT mother... You know, the one who dresses her children in matching outfits. I figure I've only got limited time on this so I might as well have some fun with it. My sister tells me it's a form of cruelty but I enjoyed the Country Road sale and the boys now also have matching printed board shirts for summer and checked button down shirts for winter to add to their wardrobes.

Now as much as I love matching their outfits, I unfortunately don't have much photographic proof. It seems that sometimes I get through a whole day and realise I never got a proper pic of ithem side by side in same clothes and of course By then it's too late as the 2yo is covered in his dinner.

E continues to be the most beautiful and adoring big brother, gently patting his Charley Bear, giving kisses and sharing toys. He also likes to commentate on C's activities for me with typically toddler volume i.e. LOUD.  We often get ... 'Sleeping mumma'' as he puts his face up against C who is sleeping in the rock'n play and then the second baby pops an eye open there are shouts of 'awake, awake' with lots of enthusiasm and then yep, bub is awake after that racket. Frustrating but so lovingly done, I take it in my stride rather than do anything to squash the love and joy E takes in his baby brother.

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