E Turns 2


So as usual, my plans for a small celebration went out the window and E's second birthday became an extravaganza of Toy Story fun.

It can't be helped really with a big family who live locally and lots of family friends we've grown up with nearby so rather than risk offending anyone, we went with 'the more the merrier.'

Given Es long running obsession with all things Toy Story, theming his party was simple logic and a quick look on Pinterest showed it was a pretty fun easy theme too. The food was a big hit with no left overs to speak of and we had lots of children running around on a sugar high ... but in fairness, I balanced the chocolate crackles and treats with fruit salad cups.

Thankfully the weather dry and mostly sunny yesterday for our 60 or so guests and I kept things relatively simple with a sausage sizzle, party food and some handmade decorations including downloaded printables of Andy's drawings from the movie. I had the invite made up on etsy - for $10, why wouldn't you - and E went crazy over it, excited to see his pic with Woody, Buzz & the gang.

The afternoon was a lot of fun with E having the time of his life playing with all of his favourite people and to make it even better, my little brother, his beloved uncle J, dressed up in a proper full Buzz Lightyear costume. C too even made a little cameo between naps to snuggle with some special people

Of course the cleanup today is out of control - complete with overtired toddler underfoot - and I now have to find storage for the mountains of gifts that will join his overflowing toy room but its so worth it as we all had such a wonderful time catching up with our favourite people. It was special to see the many wonderful friends we have come together to celebrate E and just how loved our big two year old is. We are so lucky to be surrounded by the friends we have and having children certainly help you see and appreciate that.

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