The day E met Lightning 'Queen


I'm a bit late with this post as its actually what we did last weekend but this week between a toddler who melts down every 15 minutes, a baby who doesn't love day sleeps and a husband who had surgery midweek, I'm flat-out keeping the house in a semi-presentable state and stopping E from falling apart.

Anyway, last Saturday we enjoyed a somewhat perfect family day ... that went a bit pear shaped at the end of course.

E is obsessed with Cars the movie at the moment and of course Lightning McQueen and Mack Truck - check out his Cars pit crew onesie pjs (left). Turns out most boys his age are and a girlfriend in Brisbane told me about a Disney Family Fun Day at Southbank she was taking her boy to. We decided to meet up with the boys in the morning and make a day of it. 
We were not disappointed with the Cars attractions... they were pretty fabulous and the boys were impressed (don't let E's cool stare fool you on this, he was a fan).  E actually spotted Mack Truck from a mile away and proceeded to babble and chatter about the movie until we got close. Then he clammed shut and would barely crack a smile for a good half hour.  

There was jumping castles, Frozen karaoke - yes, we walked around with Let It Go in our heads, slides and more. E and his little friend H had a ball watching Nemo and checking out the life-sized Buzz Lightyear and Woody at the Toy Story zone. It was definitely busy but not crazily so and we lined up for a few attractions before calling lunch at just the time things started to get crazy.

We had some success getting both boys to sleep over lunch (at the pub of course) much to my shock (and disappointment - I would have preferred they hold off for the trip home) and headed for the car to go home. Of course the rain that had been threatening all morning finally fell and the pram rain covers were still in the car. The boys remained mostly dry although a little damp but we got soaked trying to sprint for the car.

Once strapped in and on the highway, C decided to completely lose it. He hates the car at the best of times but this was the worst and he wouldn't calm down. He actually started holding his breath which scared the life out of me and I screamed for S to pull over. We ended up taking the next exit and had to stop for half an hour to get Charlie out and settle him. Not quite the way I wanted the day to end.

It was a great day overall as I had S home on a weekend for a change so it was fun to get out as a family and spend some time with lovely friends.

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  1. I missed this. Learned of it too late. Glad it was enjoyable.


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