Monthly update: 3 month old Charley Bear


months old! 

00 for jumpsuits! My little guy is already too long in the arms and legs for 000 so he is really growing like a weed (a very cute weed).

Favorite Foods: 
mummy's milk ... Definitely no feeding issues here with you poppet.

Favorite Activities: 
Anything that involves us talking to you. You hang out in the bouncer a lot while I prep breakfast and dinner and love to babble and coo at me.

Least Favorite Activities:
You despise the capsule and the car with an absolute passion. This means all trips must be carefully planned around naps and feeds or we endure the length of the trip with your deafening screams ringing in our ears.

Favorite Things: 
We are introducing a comforter and while it started well, it doesn't seem to be a necessity at the moment. 
You have grown to like the swing - we won't say love just yet - and a re happy to swing away while we hang out in the lounge room for short periods.

My Favorite Things:   
Our Bright Starts bouncer .. it got some good mileage with E while I showered back in the day and considering how much you hate laying flat, its perfect to pop you in while I'm in the kitchen, we are eating dinner or on the floor playing 'Lightning 'Queen' or Toy Story with big brother. You've also had the odd nap in there when all else fails.
The Medela Swing breast pump. This was one of my favourite must haves last time and remains so this time when I get the occasional free minute to pump. Its quick, compact and easy to use.
Country Road baby blankets are up there with my favourite baby items. They wash and wear better than any I've owned, have a bit of stretch, and are light enough to use all the time in our climate either doubled over or as a single layer. They also come in lots of cute prints and patterns and we have the jacquard (as pictured) and a cream one with navy elephants along with the matching bunnies.  

Signature Moves: 
You have excellent neck and head control but every now and then we cop a wobbly headbutt ... daddy holds you facing out now just so he can avoid that headbutt as it packs quite a punch and I've even enjoyed a fat lip as a result. 

Mum's Proudest Moment: 
We were contacted during the week by the local Hospital Foundation regarding the time you spent in Critical Care and we are pleased to say that we are able to give back the ICU/CCU by allowing them to use your case and story to promote the department.
They took such amazing care of you and even us so we are thrilled to support them in return.

Other Milestones: 
You slept through the night this month! You had already been sleeping 5/6 hours stretches at night but then you went and blew me away with a 9pm-6am sleep 3 nights in a row. I'm still in shock. Its a more often than not occurrence now and worst case, you wake once for a quick feed then straight back down. Blessed, we are very blessed so far to have a good sleeper in you (touchwood).

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