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Given the littlest guy is already in 00 and his big brother didn't hit that size till Summer, I grabbed a few essentials in the Bonds 40% off sale. I stuck with the stretchy jersey cotton so he would get some wear out of them as the weather warms up (if he's not already in 0 then) and I'm a sucker for their two way zips which make the constant changes a breeze. How cute are the colours and prints!

Country Road
It was all about the boys with the latest Spend'n Save! I got the chambray shorts and love love love them ... so comfy and a great everyday style (I have the same in white, tan and navy that I live in), and a black tee (I wear them to death so am always buying more). I also ended up going back for the chambray pants and some singlets but for the boys I got matching (of course) rashies for summer to go with the Map shorts and bucket hats my sister got them, an anchor tee for C, the white Map tee for E, another cotton blanket and bunny for C and the next size up in the jacquard jumpsuit he was gifted and wore as his going home outfit. I am seriously dying over the latest drop of childrenswear and am thanking God I don't have a daughter right now!

Coles Mix
You really can't say no to a $2 dress can you? That's why I bought 6! I lived in the stripey ruched ones while pregnant and have popped them away for next time (maybe). These will be perfect for Summer and are bf friendly with stretchy necklines.

Not that we need any (or have the room for more) but how could I go past this set? Perfect for entertaining with children as the set looks simple and clean but most importantly, its plastic. Bonus, the set didn't cost a cent as I had a few people place orders at a party I hosted last week.

Nike Dunk Sky Hi's
S is a shoe whore as you all know, especially when it comes to Nikes and is desperate to pull me onto the bandwagon. He came across the Nike Dunks and is insisting I get a pair. I've actually heard a few good reviews of them and even E is on daddy's side, completely unprompted pointing out a pic of them and saying 'cool shoes'. I think I'm sold and will go with the grey colour way. It remains to be seen if I will get much wear on them though - they might be a little too fashionista for my kinder gym and rhyme time outings.

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  1. I think I'm coming around to the Dunks too, my Roshes get a beating and these look a little dressier. Yes, CR kills me for M! Can't wait for summer! Did you see the scalloped dresses from Mix? They look exactly like J.Crew from last summer but at $29 a pop I'm not complaining.

    1. Oh wow, now you mention it, they are very J Crew looking!

      I love the grey jacquard Dunks but of course I can't find them anywhere now :( Which are you leaning towards?



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