A few of our favourite things


I finally gave in and joined the cult that is Lululemon. I picked up a Scoop top and some Wunder Under crops.

I'm addicted to this limited edition Cadbury Strawberries and Creme - there are seriously 6 bars in my cupboard and I feel I need to stock up more before it's gone forever. A little reminiscent of the strawberry ripe without the texture.

Bought the boys some new Nikes - obviously C has a way to go before they fit but it's rare the outlet store gets any children's shoes in and the Sunrays are hard to get anywhere but are the most practical shoe we've ever bought E. So of course I bought them in his current and next 3 sizes up.

I finally ordered E a Yumbox! I love making bento inspired lunches and snack boxes for E and we've needed a new lunchbox for a while after his Tupperware one got a cracked lid (need to have a Tupperware party and order a replacement) and his blue and orange bento hinges broke. I have to say, I'm a big big fan! It really is leakproof as a whole as well as each individual compartment. It makes prepping lunches even easier and more fun and it's good for E to see all his options at once in front of him. Check out my Instagram if you want to see the lunches we make.

Cars licensed clothes. E doesn't have much in the way of licensed clothes other than pajamas because none of it really appeals to me but I know I'm not going to avoid it for much longer. Anyway, I  got him these Planes and Cars pajamas - isn't that onesie the absolute cutest! And also some planes undies to help us in the toilet training quest we are soon to tackle in earnest (rather than the softly softly approach we are currently doing). Of course I couldn't resist the $10 shorts either ;)

Kirin Cider ... I was a fan of the Kirin beer while in Japan so its no surprise I love the cider too. Refreshing and not sweet, I am going to love this even more come summer I expect. And the cheapy Target stemless wine glasses as pictured.

These Sooki Baby pieces for C ... I love Sooki Baby clothes for both boys and a huge portion of both their wardrobes is made up of tees, nappy pants and rompers from the label. Fun, a little different to what everyone else has and it washes and wears well as evidenced by the fact that C is wearing a lot of Es hand me downs and they look great.

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