Monthly update: 1 month old Charley Bear


1 month old! I swear it went by in the blink of an eye.

4.6kg but not sure on length. You have put on around 1kg since birth and are thriving despite your illness and hospital stay.

size 0000 but we've noticed some onesies getting a little too short length wise so have started using 000 wonder suits - nothing sweeter than a baby in a Wondersuit.

Favorite Foods: 
breast milk ... You are an enthusiastic feeder just like your big brother. 

Favorite Activities: 
you love when your big brother talks to you or holds your hand - you instantly still and gaze at him. 
You also seem to be a fan of tummy time and love to lie on your playmat and lift up to look at me and your surrounds.

Least Favorite Activities:
 you're a very easy going baby and not much gets you worked up apart from having to wait for a feed and then you can really get those lungs cleared we discovered on the one or two times I've been slow.

Favorite Things: 
Bright Starts playmat - you love to gaze up at the flashing lights and flail your hands.
Bubba Blue jersey fabric swaddles - beautifully soft and very stretchy, you love to be swaddled for sleep and these are nice and big.

My Favorite Things:
Fisher Price rock'n play has been a godsend yet again for daytime naps and just to chill out while I shower etc. I love that it's so portable I can take it from room to room.
Your Country Road blankie that Aunty K bought you in hospital. It matches your going home outfit she bought when you were born and I love you have some nice pieces of your own.

Signature Moves: 
you can pass wind like a full grown man! The first few times you did, I blamed daddy.

Dad's Proudest Moment: 
daddy was holding you for your newborn photos and you were nudie... He told me he felt a puff of air and thought you had popped off. I checked and nope, you had pooped all down the front of him ha ha ha

Other Milestones: 
smiles started very early, I swear you smiled at me your first week home from hospital much to my delight.

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