Life is good


And it's set to get even better before the week is over.

As I sit here, my precious boy is sleeping, B2 is kicking up a storm and S is whipping up a chicken satay in the thermie. With our little family going from 3 to 4 by Friday at the latest, I am reflecting on how good life is and how lucky I am. I've had a wonderful time being with my boys on maternity leave so far and with S off this whole week, we are trying to make the most of E being an only child ... And thus being a little easier to get out of the house.

Today E had swimming as usual first up and we decided to take him to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary afterwards as he is just loving animals and they have a locals entry price special on. It was a good decision! We had the most amazing time showing E the native wildlife of koalas, birds, crocodiles, snakes and of course the kangaroos. Highlights of the day for all of us were riding the choo choo toot toot train (E was in heaven) and feeding the 'Roos - E walked straight up to them and started petting ... No fear from my boy.

and the tired little teddy bear as we drove out of the carpark

We have a big and fun day tomorrow ahead too with it being one of our nieces' second birthday. We are celebrating by taking 2 nieces and E to Rhyme Time with my mum and then having a small morning tea party complete with chocolate crackles and fairy bread. E is excited to go to the 'parrrteee' and I'm loving being home so that I can go too.

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