The delivery and nearing arrival of B2


After lots of discussion, careful consideration and consultation with specialists and with friends, we have decided to follow the recommendation to have B2 delivered by c-section.

While I don't recall E's birth as being quite the traumatic event I'm told it was (could be that I was out of my mind with the exertion of labour and no epidural), I have become quite anxious about B2's delivery and the possible likely reoccurrence of some of the complications that previously arose. Particularly as I'm told those complications are now 5 times more likely and could be even more serious this time, lead to longer term damage, the almost guaranteed need for emergency surgery I'm warned by my Ob and the need for future surgeries. With E to consider and my future of caring for two children, a c-section offers us the best controlled outcome and I am lucky enough to have plenty of family on hand to assist with the recovery.

dont get excited, this is E just an hour old

It is not a decision we made lightly, I researched like crazy, spoke to girlfriends who have experienced vaginal and surgical births and I spoke to several friends in the medical profession also including seeking the advice of a respected OBGYN who is a good friend and read my clinical notes of E's delivery.

While it has taken me awhile to come to terms with having major surgery (and a needle in my spine)
, especially after my commitment to a natural birth last time, I ultimately have never been obsessed with how my baby arrives, just that it does so safely. As my Ob told me when I was pregnant with E, you're only pregnant for one reason and that is to have a baby. There is no medal at the end for any choices you make, pregnancy and labour are a means to an end and the only prize is taking home a healthy baby.

So with all that in mind, I am comfortable with what is to come in just a few days time and I'm so excited to meet, hold and love the newest member of our little family. I also have to say that I'm pretty much bursting to know if the newest member will be pink or blue!

Stay tuned and I promise to share B2's arrival as soon as possible...

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  1. Thinking of all of you for the birth.

    Lots of love and light

    SSG xxx

  2. So close!!! Looking forward to hearing the news of a healthy little boy or girl xxx

  3. Ok. I did just skip a beat and think hub was out.
    Enjoy meeting your new family member.


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