Second time around post partum must haves


These are a few of the things that have made my life a little easier the second time around so far and with having two under two on the go. Probably not necessities in a lot of people's books, they have certainly been useful in my recovery, getting out and about and in looking after the boys...

PP Essentials

Uniden twin digital video monitor - two cameras, but only one screen that can split or scroll and I especially love how portable the cameras are (they can be charged up and clipped anywhere or permanently plugged in and fixed).

Swisse prenatal vitamins - between breast feeding a newborn, chasing a toddler and just generally getting around, I definitely notice the difference in my day if I don't take my morning vitamin. I have found Swisse to be the easiest to digest.

A good water bottle - I use my Tupperware Quencher and try to drink at least 3-4 bottles during the day to stay hydrated. This bottle is perfect for on the go and when I remember, I fill the base with snacks like nuts (or shapes or chocolate) so I have something to munch on when I'm chained to the couch with a sleeping/feeding babe.

The Cinch tummy support band. I swore by this last time and can sing it's praises even more the second time around for a c-section. No matter your birth, this provides lower back and tummy support (essential given your core muscles barely exist post partum), it helps guide all your muscles etc back into place and flattens the tummy ultra fast - I'm already back in pre preg clothes and I've only been using this for 2 weeks.

Benefibre or other good supplement is necessary and while I was smart and took it from 38 weeks pregnant last time, it slipped my mind this time. A shame as it was more necessary this time because of the surgery and strong pain killers I was prescribed following.

High waisted knickers - every mother I know who has had a c section swore by these and while not the most attractive, they really are best for comfort and practicality given the wound/stitches placement. Target and Kmart both do them cheaply (less than $10 for 5 pairs) and at that price, you can toss them after wear. Kmart are my faves over the Target ones.

Bugaboo Donkey, Maxi Cosi capsule and capsule adapters have all been a heaven sent luxury. C is a very relaxed sleepy bub so being able to let him snooze on the go without disruption is wonderful for all of us. Being able to transfer the capsule to pram chassis from car is also a great safety feature when wrestling E in a carpark. It means I can quickly and safely clip C in then restrain E without fuss instead of worrying about him stepping away from me while tending to C and vice versa.

I'm also getting use out of plenty of the paraphernalia we stockpiled with E including the Halo sleep sack swaddles (make wrapping and night time a breeze), the freestanding swing (takes up a lot of room but handy to pop C down when I'm trying to get E down for a nap or prep dinner), the Tasman Eco bassinet (hooray it's actually getting used this time!) and my Godsend, the Fisher Price rock n play (saved my sanity with E and is great to pop C in after a feed during the day or for daytime naps in the lounge room).

There's plenty of other bits and bobs I'm loving so no doubt you can expect a future post in the same vein. I'm also trying to get around to writing out Charlie's birth story and how different it was from Ethan's in terms of induced drug free and a c-section but I keep getting distracted by toddler playtime, newborn cuddles and milkshake dates with my boys.

In other news, E continues to be an absolutely delightful, adoring and gentle big brother - we haven't had to tell him 'no' or similar for his playing with Charlie and I just adore watching him stroke 'bubby's' hair or hold his hand while he sings or talks to him. Here are some pics we had done of the boys by a very talented friend earlier in the week (Michele of Love Photography for Gold Coasters).

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  1. I am amazed and envious hat you find the time to blog still!
    I'm such a slacker!!!

    1. Ha ha Sam, I tend to write ramblings in the blogger app during the 11pm-ish feed if it goes for awhile... Then sometimes I actually finish them and publish them as blog posts ;)
      And yep, I told you you wouldn't regret the donkey. Xx

  2. And..... How good is the Donkey!!!


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