So I've been slow to update on the Thermomix but after a couple of weeks/months, I am even more in love with my TMX ... and so is S!

I've noticed a grocery saving of around $50 a fortnight (we've always had a pretty low bill thanks to meal planning) but more importantly, a massive cut in wastage of fresh produce and a much healthier diet overall with less tinned/packaged food and more whole ingredients. I have to say, we are loving the one pot clean up too!

Some of our newly discovered favourites are:

Raisin bread aka 'tana toast
Broccoli salad - a hit with friends, great for entertaining and on rotation at least twice a week in our house. We have tweaked it a little by replacing yoghurt with apple cider vinegar and including celery.
Homemade pizza dough - best pizzas I've ever made and even tasted ... Our favourite toppings are lightly fried prosciutto, mozzarella, boccocini, cherry tomatoes and basil.
Chicken cashew and veg - a great healthy everyday meal that we like to add extra flavour too (saucy is good).
Chicken burgers/homemade nuggets - these are delicious and so very tasty. Perfect for E especially given how soft the meat is. Make sure you use panko crumbs.
Garlic black pepper chicken fried rice - HALF THE PEPPER CONTENT AT LEAST as I honestly can't imagine what the creator was thinking with her original quantity. On e you get past that though, this is a great one to make in bulk, pack with veg and portion up for lunches.
Chicken Satay - S made this one only this week and it was tasty, filling and importantly, saucy. 
Beef Stroganoff - yummers! The everyday cookbook recipe continuously produces the best ever stroganoff we've ever tasted.
Bolognaise - this is not to everyone's tastes with the mince becoming very fine by the end. I like it that way but S not so much. So I used the meat in a lasagne and it was seriously perfection... And the bechamel took all of 7 mins thrown in - no stirring etc - and was the perfect rich smooth creamy sauce you dream of.
Scones - basic yes but the results produced were unbelievable ... Delicious, light and very fluffy with no lemonade needed.

I also like playing around with new things and we had homemade crumpets for breakfast over Easter. For sweets I'm still mostly using my kitchenaid but I have tried Anzac and choc chip biscuits in the the TMX with great results ... And positive feedback, especially from my father in law and E who is always asking for 'bikkie? Bikkie? Just one!' regularly now.

The thermie also makes batch cooking for E a breeze. I like to have some meals on hand in the freezer for him and a tuna mornay (one of his favourites) is made super easy to whip up... And all in just one pot.

I truly use the thermie every single day for one thing or another and can safely say, with S' full endorsement,  it was worth every cent - and he should know because he uses it almost more than me.

If you're thinking of buying a thermomix, do it because I can't see you regretting it ... Just commit to using it daily initially by experimenting and it will become part of your life in no time.

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