Reality sets in


I've been quiet here as we've been busy finding our way ... Ok no, I've just been busy getting out and about to the park, the shops and all sorts of fun places while S has been off work.

But reality set in today as S went back to work and I was on my own with two boys and a heavy schedule for the day yesterday. Ok, 'on my own' is a little exaggerated as our first outing was Rhyme Time with my mum and 2 nieces ... But I still had to get the 3 of us out the door and there. And let me tell you, the night before was like something out of a horror story with 3 hysterical wakes from the toddler before 11pm and a baby who decide to have a 2h marathon feed at 10pm. We all ended up in the master bed with sleep coming around midnight and the little one getting him and I back up at 3am. Thankfully it was only a quick feed and we were back in bed at 3:30 and everyone slept till 6:30.

So with much less sleep than I hoped and expecting the worst, we started our day early so I could at least get a shower before S went to work. I then made short work of dressing both boys and popping them in the car - laying out clothes the night before and having the baby bag always packed definitely help. Rhyme time was worth the effort to get out with E loving the chance to sing and dance with his cousins and friends and me slowly building confidence in a 'safe' environment'. I had a great time catching up with my nieces and all our friends who come along and E wore himself out dancing and running around much to my delight. After rhyme time, we headed home to meet a girlfriend of mine and her son at our place for morning tea and a play. Our boys had fun destroying the playroom while we got to catch up and then it was time to put E down for a nap. C cooperated and dozed in the swing so I could get E down and then I had a relaxing hour to eat lunch, bring some washing in, hang some washing out and clean the playroom - a mother's work is never done.

E napped for an hour and twenty, which is sadly considered a decent nap in our house, went on to refuse his lunch (like every other meal offered lately) and I dropped him for a play with his cousins at my mums and set out to do our grocery shop with C in the sling.

C was pretty cooperative and as usual, sleepy, at the supermarket but perked up midway and wanted to feed. So rather than abandon my trolley (which I did several times back in the early days with E), I just positioned the sling and fed C as I continued with my shop. Win win for us both. I capped off what was a pretty great day with State of Origin (and a blues win!) at my parents' house with family and friends. 

As I told S, I'm well aware there will be tricky days ahead but for the most part I'm pretty confident my boys and I are going to have a lot of fun while I am home with them. 

And in other exciting happenings, I have a lunch date booked with my sister for today, as mums and bubs movie on Friday while E is at kindy followed by a haircut! 

In the biggest news of the year (for me anyway other than Charlie's birth), I saw last week The Eagles were returning to Australia! I adore The Eagles as does my dad and we went to their last concerts (and loved every second) so needless to say, we were more than a little excited for this tour and especially when my mum discovered an Anex presale. Happily our tix are secured for next March! 

I've also jumped on the bandwagon with wrap tops. I keep seeing them everywhere and really like the draping and style. Not sure how practical it is for my SAHM wardrobe but I'll give it a try and figure the print will work well with jeans at least. I am especially loving the black and white striped version Country Road has out just now but I think I'd get more wear from that in my corporate wardrobe which has been retired till next year at least.

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