Monthly update: 2 month old Charley Bear


months old! Sometimes you feel like you e been here forever, some days you're still my little newborn.

Huge! Since your hospital stay, you have thrived and at your 6w immunisations you were 5.6kg and over 60cm!

Already in 000 I suspect you will be in 00 sooner than later if you keep growing at a rate of knots.

Favorite Foods: 
breast milk ... Definitely no feeding issues here with you poppet.

Favorite Activities: 
Tummy time continues to amaze me with you so alert and wide eyed with such strong neck control. You hold your head up for such great periods and stare at me while I sing to you.
Bath time is your favourite activity though. You are too long for the baby bath so we graduated you to the big bath with your brother and you love it, laying there smiling on your seat watching E splash and play. 

Least Favorite Activities:
You really hate the car on occasion and I'm trying to figure out if it's being restricted in the capsule or because the positioning causes you reflux plain.
You also hate getting out of the bath and scream blue murder when we take you out. Another water baby like E I think.

Favorite Things: 
You don't really have an attachment to anything and the paediatrician tells me that's not likely to start until you are 12 weeks old so we are going to introduce your Country Road bunny and a small blanket as a comforter in the coming weeks.

My Favorite Things:   
Love to Dream and Ergo pouches. They keep you nice and snug, settled and warm for naps. They also make life easy for me with no wrapping and easy changes.
Bonds zippy suits with a 2 way zip. What a lifesaver for midnight changes and I love the soft stretchy cotton ones.

Signature Moves: 
You've started cooing and making responsive sounds and it's the sweetest thing ever. We all talk to you trying to get a smile or coo. 

Mum's Proudest Moment: 
A real one, not a fail ... the love I saw reflected in your brother and cousins as they held you. It reminded me what a beautiful family we have been blessed to bring you into and the friendship and love that will surround your life always.

Other Milestones: 
Your sight and focus has improved in distance and you track us by our voices, instantly responding to a new person in the room.

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  1. Wow 5.6kg he is doing really well! My 4 month old is only 5.1kg :P

    1. Wow that certainly puts it into perspective :) How is your LO doing? X


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