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We've been pretty busy here since Es big birthday party both recovering and keeping up with the social calendar. It wouldn't be a good week without our usual Rhyme Time at the local library of course, swimming lessons for E and play dates with the cousins but on top of that, we managed to get to some fun and special events also. 

S works weekends so it's just me and my little boys and to break things up and keep E from getting too bored and cooped up, we usually meet my sister and niece on Saturday mornings at a local park for 'cinos and a play but we didn't make it this week, going to my little brother's new house for morning tea and a play much to Es delight.  

Sunday, I felt like the worlds worst mother, it was a perfect sunny day and I just couldn't for the life of me think of something to do out and about plus C was taking a huge nap. That meant poor E was stuck at home and mostly indoors for which I felt terrible. I got him down for a nap and wracked my mind for something to do .... The local country show was on! I called my mum to see if she wanted to come along with us and help me manage the 2 but she wasn't interested and went one better, offering to take C so I could have some one on one with my big boy. I jumped at the offer and as soon as E woke up, I hustled the boys out the door. Wouldn't you know it, C fell asleep as soon as we got to mums and like the little angel he is, he stayed that way right where I left him till we got back!

We arrived at the show just when admission fees had stopped so I decided to blow the money saved on entertainment and give E a memorable afternoon. We visited the baby animals petting zoo - where my kid chased the ducks while everyone else's sat placidly gently petting goats,

took a pony ride - a massive highlight for E who called it 'bullseye' and kept telling it to 'giddy up' and calling out 'yeeehaaaa' ... The girl leading him was in hysterics,

We went on the Teacups and a race car

And finished the day with me convincing E to go on a camel ride that he ended up loving... and treating much like the pony ride with lots of 'yeeeehaaa'-ing to my delight.

It was so special to have a fun afternoon with my boy as I've missed the one on one time with him since C joined our family and sometimes I feel sad, like E is slipping away from me or that I'm always putting him on hold while I feed/change/wash the baby. 

It was an avalanche of special treats for E over the three days from Sunday to Tuesday as the next day he had Disney on Ice with daddy in Brisbane. They had prime seats and the show opened with Toy Story's Woody, Buzz and Jess so E was enthralled. The only negative feedback S had for me was that E found it a little hard to get back into the show after an intermission break and lacked concentration during scenes with Snow White and other Disney characters he hasn't been exposed to yet.
The fun didn't just stop at Disney though with the 4 of us heading to Brisbane again the following day for the Yo Gabba Gabba show at The Powerhouse. I was dreading this show given the TV series can be a little irritating ... But most children's shows are first thing in the morning. I was happily surprised and found it energetic, entertaining and fun. It helped we had tickets front and centre, C slept the whole time in the baby bjorn and E got into the show singing and dancing. Unfortunately we found the intermission a little long and E struggled to get back into the show so we left halfway through the second half. 

Being in Brisbane though and with perfect weather, we decided to make the most of it and took E on a Citycat ride under the Story Bridge and to the city for a riverside lunch. This was a huge highlight and he loved looking at the tall building, the boats, the water and taking it all in. A perfect family day that had me feeling like we were on holidays.

And just because he's cute, here's the littlest boy doing his thing...

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