I'll say it again, I'm not sure how we ever lived without our thermomix!

We are still using it everyday if not several times a day and much of that is because I meal plan around it each week.

Some of our favourite Thermie dinners lately have been:

  • Meat pie from the EDC - this is simple, tasty and definitely comfort food for Winter. While we tinker with most recipes for flavour, be warned that overuse of the Vegemite will make for a very salty gravy. We use store bought puff pastry for convenience although the TMX recipe looks pretty simple.
  • Hungarian Goulash also from the EDC - wow, this one is amazing and like the Stroganoff, a firm favourite! I especially love the flavour given by the red capsicum you add at the end.
  • Chicken Satay from the recipe community with lots of peanut butter.
  • We are a fan of the soups too and make up big batches of Minestrone (EDC) and creamy mushroom (recipe community) which a perfect for a cold night's dinner or lunch with a side of garlic toast.
  • Risotto is a quick easy and filling meal and I love playing around with ingredients. This week I'm doing a mushroom and roasted tomato recipe with marscapone adapted from a Gordon Ramsay recipe.

I've also played around with some snack and child recipes and these have been a big hit we repeat regularly:

  • Banana weetbix muffins (recipe community) - I make them without the sugar and choc chips (mean mummy here) and in mini cups. E has them for snacks ... he thinks they are cake.
  • Tuna mornay (recipe community) - I make up a batch and freeze portions for E's lunches and dinners. I especially love how easy this recipe is, makes the béchamel base in minutes with no efforts and that its all in one bowl ... particularly as I can't stand tuna so this helps me minimise contact and smell.
  • Zucchini slice (recipe community) - I made this for E but he wasn't a huge fan which is fine as I love it and keep it frozen in lunch portions for me which is perfect for those days I don't have any bread and the boys are sleeping.
  • Cranberry muesli slice (recipe community) - this is delicious! I added a whole lot of extra fruit including apricots and sultanas and it didn't affect the base. I also left out the choc chips as I was trying to keep it healthy.
  • Scones (the best ever recipe on the recipe community) - I love a good warm scone with lashings of butter and I've never made or tasted any this light and perfect. 
  • Cheesy mite scrolls using just a regular bread recipe and smothered with vegemite and cheese are perfect for kindy lunches and gobbled up by E and I in a heartbeat.

Mornings are a little crazy around here with two littlies to tend to, showers to be had and breakfasts made and eaten. Some mornings when we've had a slow start, I'm not having breakfast until at least 9am if at all and obviously this is not ideal, particularly when breastfeeding. I also haven't been eating much fruit as apart from pears, I don't love Winter options that much. With this in mind and after some inspiration from my sister, this past week I've started using the TMX for juicing. Even S is onboard and taking one to have on the way to work. Our favourite mix so far is a whole stalk of Kale, half a bag of frozen Saralee fruit salad (pineapple, mango, honeydew, rockmelon), a cup of water, a handful of frozen berries and a whole Phoenix mandarin. While not pretty to look at, its certainly good for us and it takes less than 2 minutes to prep and serve.

I've also had some fun experimenting and whipped up a batch of pretzels earlier in the week for lunch. I used Tenina's recipe and they turned out quite well although I need to work on my shaping and will halve the sugar amount next time.

The TMX continues to be an excellent investment for us and I'm looking forward to C starting solids in a few months as I can see it making the process a breeze.

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