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Time stops for no one and over here it is racing away from us. As usual, we've been busy here having lots of fun.

Last year we had a three park pass for Seaworld, Movieworld and Wet'n Wild. The passes are great value and we sure got our money's worth taking E a few times a month for a play, ride or even just for morning tea to break up the day and get out and about. We had been a little disappointed the last few months with Seaworld and Movieworld though as they are looking a little rundown, things are always closed and worst of all, their are either no toddler rides or they are all shut down for refurbishment. I get that they need maintenance but why close them all at once?

This year we decided to forgo renewing that pass and get a Dreamworld one instead that includes entry to White Water World. S and I haven't been to Dreamworld in well over 5 years and we were blown away by the changes. There are some pretty great adult attractions and loads of fun stuff for young children. With Wiggles World, E is well covered but he can also go on the good old River Rapids and Log Rides with an adult so I can see we are all going to have plenty of fun to come - especially S who is obsessed with roller coasters! We both agreed that we remembered the park being bigger as in everything further apart but thats only because there are new attractions in the gaps between old ones.

Our first day there was a perfect Gold Coast Winter day with lots of sunshine and warmth but a cool breeze so I even got some wear out of my Summer wardrobe with the J Brand cutoffs I bought last Summer whilst pregnant and wondered if I would ever get into them.

And as you can see, we are getting huge smiles from the littlest boy and the big one to match.

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  1. YOU LIVE NEAR THE THEME PARKS?! And you just go willy nilly, for morning tea? I can't wait til my kids are just that little bit older and we can all go.

    1. About 20 mins away so yep, E is very spoilt! Makes for a great day of entertainment but the crowds can be a nightmare. X


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