Monthly update: 19 months


19 Months ... I'm in shock, where on earth did 19 months go? My baby is a real little boy now and developing a very strong independent personality that has us varying between hysterics (laughter) and exasperation.

I'm pretty sure we are going through a growth spurt at the moment as he seems taller lately and I suspect I will need to break out the sz2 t-shirts any day now.

Still getting wear out of his size 0, size 1 and 12-18 month shorts but as above, we are definitely ready for size 2 tops & tees and not a bad thing really as being a typical boy, a whole lot of his tees belong as rags now thanks to dirt and goodness knows what else stains.

Favorite Foods: 
Fruit of all kinds, particularly white nectarines and mango - trust my kid to have taste for only the expensive fruits like mango & berries - are always a winner and my consistent go to for difficult fussy periods. 
Dinners are up and down but I suspect he is cutting his 2 year old molars as his behaviours including food refusal are on par with other teething episodes we've been through. We just go with it and keep offering usual meals but filling him up with fruit if he refuses them.

Favorite Words: 
The vocabulary he is developing just blows us away everyday... walking with him at our local shopping centre and he starts saying 'tick tock' over and over and waving his arm back and forth. I couldn't make the connection until I looked up and saw the big clock over the store we were walking to and when I said 'clock' he said 'yes, tick tock' - where does he even learn this stuff??? 
Like last week he picked my purse and said clearly 'mummy's wallet' ... I didn't even know he knew what a wallet was. 
His favourite sentence at the moment though is when he is particularly enjoying something like blueberries and there are none left. He looks up at us and points his finger saying 'one more peeeease'. Needless to say, he almost always gets his way with this one.
'Nigh nighs' has also entered the vocabulary and he happily wishes his toys, the moon and us 'nighs nighs' before we take him to bed. My heart squeezes everytime he says it in a perfect innocent little squeak before blowing me a big 'mwah' kiss.

Favorite Activities: 
Jumping on the trampoline he got for Christmas elicits nonstop giggles as does rough-housing with daddy playing something they call 'Body Slam 2014' ... it involves S getting leapt on by all solid 13kgs of our little rascal and daddy has had more than a few injuries from this game but no sympathy from me given he 'invented' it. 
Lucky for me, its not all about 'body-slamming' and reading is also still a favourite. E will bring me book after book to browse over while he sits in my lap and pats my knee.

Least Favorite Activities: 
Kindy drop off is back to being a torturous nightmare for us both after a break at Christmas but he settles quickly and has a great day.

19 months

His Favorite Things: 
Like every other parent out there I expect, our house is overflowing with new toys from Christmas and a couple of the big favourites are his Mr Potato Head set - all we hear is 'potato potato potato', his Woody doll from Toy Story and his assorted Tonka trucks including an enormous one he is convinced is a ride on toy.

We've also noticed he is starting to become attached to his mini Ernie & Bert dolls that were a gift when he was born. Never one to really develop an attachment to his stuffed toys or comforters so far (he gave up his dummy on his own at 6m and has never wanted a blankie or teddy), he can often be found clutching one of these or asking after them so I keep one upstairs and one downstairs to save me.

My Favorite Things: 
I mentioned in a previous post that I bought a Wahu vest for him to use over our Christmas holidays at Lennox Heads in the lake. Its been a great investment and one we will continue to get lots of use out of at the beach thanks to the peace of mind it gives me and the non-restrictive nature of it as a flotation device for E. 
We have also started introducing E to the potty with a view to approach toilet training in a couple of months depending on how we progress. I bought the Fisher Price potty pictured and so far so good, I like that the seat is stable and comfortable, its easy to clean with a removable tray and parts and has a little lip to prevent any little boy messes.

Signature Moves: 
He still has everyone we know, especially his grandparents and Aunty K, completely besotted with his blowing kisses including the 'mwah' sound effect and hand signing for 'I love you'. Its become a bit of a competition if there are a few of them around as to who can get the kisses/love directed to them when its time to leave.
He has also started the sweetest little skip hop type walk when he is especially happy that has me giggling and 'awwwwww'ing at once.

Mum's Proudest Moment:  
This is a truly proud moment and a turning point in our relationship. It was during this month that I was able to get E down for naps and bedtime without tantrums and hysterical tears since we weaned. I was despairing that it would even happen and found it very upsetting, taking it as a personal rejection in addition to worrying how I would manage this with another baby in the mix. 
It was one day when just he and I were home and he was showing me all his sleepy signs so I decided to try laying down with him. Preparing for the worst, he shocked me when he laid down, cuddled up to me and gave me a kiss, closed his eyes and was asleep in all of 5 minutes. I cried... relief, happiness, love.

Other Milestones: 
Two big ones stand out this past month - he had his first wee in the potty that was initiated by him (he went and got the potty and insisted sitting on it). We aren't pushing toilet training, more just getting him comfortable with using the potty without pressure. 
The other big milestone this month was using his own name! We didn't pick up at first because it sounded like he was saying 'mine' but we eventually figured out he was saying 'einy' for Ethan - if we asked him whose bed is this, he would reply 'einy's'. Its ridiculously cute and we have to remind ourselves to still call him Ethan not Einy however I can see a nickname developing here. 

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  1. Awwww such a sweet update! Isaac is obsessed with his Bert doll too - he sleeps with him every night.


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