Pregnancy update: 23 weeks


How far along? 23 
weeks already ... and after today's appointment, maybe only 14 weeks to go! 

Maternity clothes? still no maternity clothes, just living in my Coles Mix ruched stripe dresses, Country Road stretchy waist pants and jersey dresses. This pic shows me in a stretchy CR peplum top and CR print eleastic waist pants.

Stretchmarks? my Mothercare cream is still doing its job, none.

Symptoms: lots and lots of Braxton Hicks contractions this past week and more than a little uncomfortable. Particularly if I don't drink enough water. The heartburn is also showing no signs of abating. 

Sleep: not great as the toddler is teething I suspect and crying out on and off. He's also had dirty nappies overnight which is extremely unusual :(

Miss Anything? oh how I'd love an icy cold Stone & Wood Pacific Ale in this heat!

Movement: baby never stops wriggling and its kicks are becoming a little more forceful as time goes on. You can definitely see some movement from the outside clearly now.

Best moment this week: visiting a girlfriend and her new baby boy... newborn cuddles are pretty special and my other favourite this week was attending a girlfriend's baby shower and enjoying all the fun and wonder of the lead up to a new arrival ... and realising we will be doing the same before too long. 

Worst moment this week: toddler town has been a pretty exhausting residence this week with tears, clingyness and tantrums the order of the day. I found a great article about clingy toddlers though that has helped me employ a bit more patience in this phase E is going through. I also suspect we have started teething for his 2 year old molars in the past few days so throw in broken sleep, endless dirty nappies and a red raw bot to the mix.

Food cravings: and still food is just not doing it for me so I'm being sure to snack lots and just eat whatever it is I feel like as something is better than nothing. I had a big craving for chocolate yogos the other day and now have 11 sitting in my fridge - they no longer sell just the two pack did you know?

Anything making you queasy or sick: the same old culprit, red meat otherwise I'm good.

Have you started to show yet: oh yes, no hiding it now and definitely bigger this time around.

Belly Button in or out? its more out than in and I'm still wondering, does it go back in?

Happy or Moody most of the time: happy, excited and a little bewildered today ... my hospital appointment was this morning and while they have me monitored for cervix (possible shortening due to my LETZ procedure after E), my blood pressure and for B2's possible kidney issue, they've flagged a whole lot of other concerns for delivery stemming from Es birth that I never thought were a problem. I will now need to meet with their chief Obstetrician to discuss delivery options and timing. One midwife this morning told me I did well to make it through the birth and it must have been terribly traumatic... I don't recall it being terribly horrific or traumatic and I didn't have drugs so I wasn't out of it. Sure, it wasn't without its complications, it wasn't particularly enjoyable and there were some unexpected and undesirable aspects but hey, its childbirth and E and I both made it so it can't of been that bad to my thoughts. My hospital is very anti-caesar and the midwives are pro vaginal birth in all aspects so as I said, I'm a little bewildered but will wait till I speak with the Ob and will of course take whatever recommendation he considers to be best for bub and I.

Looking forward to: the heartburn passing and to a cool weather change. The mornings are hot, the days are hot and last night was hot hot hot! I can't wait to get all rugged up!

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  1. The heart burn! The heart burn! Yuck yuck yuck. So glad mines GONE!!!


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