We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year


I'm finally back from a whirlwind break that started on Christmas Eve, included our annual family camping break at Lennox Heads from Christmas Day and a return home on the 5th to truckloads of washing, mountains of gifts and toys to assemble/find homes for and of course, Christmas decorations to pull down. Is there anything sadder than packing all the cheer back into boxes? That's why this year, my focus is on decorating for every season and holiday I can... Hey, I'll be on mat leave so I might as well make the most of it.

While only a short time has passed since my last proper update, an awful lot has happened with posts on each big event to follow. 

We celebrated an unbelievably wonderful Christmas Eve with my ILs and Day with my family ... How much fun is it having children at Christmas! Ethan just made our day/celebrations a million times over and I swear I couldn't wipe the smile off my face at his joy. It also makes me excited to know we will have 2 little people to share THIS Christmas with.

Christmas Day after presents and breakfast, we headed off on 'holidays' to Lennox Heads. We go every year with my family plus a host of close friends and have done for over 5 years now. This was the first year we had our Christmas lunch there and it was a lovely celebration although I can't lie, I missed not sipping my share of the bubbles on offer.We spent 2 weeks camping with perfect sunny days, swimming 3 or 4 times a day in the lake or at the beach and list of casual BBQs and good food consumed (I swear I'm doing the 2 hour round trip just to stock up at the local butcher regularly - lemon parsley chicken breast schnitzels enough said).

I had some concerns about camping with E but they turned out to be unfounded - I didn't even need to barricade him in the playpen although it came in handy for naptime. His sleep was great overall despite the one hour time difference and he loved everything about our holiday including the communal environment where he made loads of adored friends. The lake worried me a little given Es overconfidence in his swimming abilities and the total lack visibility from 5 inches under but I ended up investing in a harnessed floatation vest with the strap between the legs for my piece of mind and it did the trick completely with E able to test his abilities safely. He also thrived from all the time he spent with his cousins and the rest of the family and it reminds me of just how blessed my life is to have the time and people in my life to share moments and make lasting memories with.

The holiday wasn't without a drama of course and unfortunately, the drama came in the form of a serious bush fire started locally from lightning that quickly escalated into quite a major blaze. The third pic is the actual view from our site but thankfully with the help of wind blowing the other way and constant helicopter water bombing, we were never in any serious harm.

New Years Eve was relatively low key with my parents' best friends hosting us at their site as is tradition for amazing homemade canapés, good music and the best company. E had fun dancing early in the night with Grammy and I even made it to see midnight and the fireworks before hitting bed. It was definitely a big plus to wake up fresh and without a sore head on the first day of the new year but I will definitely indulge a little more for the 2014 celebrations.

My New Years plans (in lieu of resolutions) are pretty simple this year:

To show more patience and appreciation to Scott
enjoy this pregnancy - it's definitely my last! A friend announced her 3rd pregnancy last week and just updated ... She's expecting twins!!!
Be sensible and save with money - especially as I'll spend more than half the year on mat leave.
Be kind and model the behaviors I want to see in my children 
To take more joy from life by making the little things count - celebrating life hence the commitment to decorating for seasons and holidays
To be grateful for all I have and to be the best partner, mother, sister, daughter, aunt and friend I can.

Nothing too groundbreaking in that list, just important everyday plans I can stick to and benefit from.

What are your 'plans' for 2014? Might could just end up being 'to survive 2 under 2' but I'm sticking with positives right now!

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