I haven't done a wish list in a while (which could have a lot to do with getting most of what I wanted for Christmas) so here are a few things I have been wishing for... given my birthday is 8 months away and I was more than a little spoilt at Christmas, I don't like my chances of being gifted anything in the near future but a girl can live in hope right? Oh, and Valentines Day is coming up in a few weeks... we shall see.


  1. Flats... I am in desperate need of more flats! I wear Havis way too often for my liking lately. I love the Tory Burch logo flats as pictured and I could use another pair of MJ mousies too ;)
  2. A thick cardigan wrap. I have been looking for one for probably years now but nothing ever seemed quite right. Then I found this VS one... I waited one day and now its not available :( Anyone seen something similar? I can see this being a winter staple, especially as it is BF friendly.
  3. A holiday... or even just a night or two away... on my own. Nowhere fancy, just quiet with a bath, TV and wifi and I will be happy.
  4. Pajamas... I have plenty of Peter Alexander Winter sets but after a big cleanout, I am seriously lacking in Summer/warm weather PJs. I love these sets from VS and they are so well priced too ... pity about the shipping.
  5. Glasshouse Candles Limited Edition Hong Kong... in Day or Night or both, I'm not fussy. I love Glasshouse Candles and this one is no exception! I'm likely to get this for Valentines Day. The ltd editions seem to coincide with the holiday and last year I got the gorgeous Kyoto so I'm holding out high hopes.
  6. Ipad case ... I have a great organiser case S bought me for Christmas but I really love the Tory Burch printed ones at the moment.
  7. Murchison hume cleaning products ... love that they are safe and all natural - very important with a toddler around and new baby on the way - plus I'm a sucker for the gorgeous packaging.
  8. Mason Pearson hairbrush. Not sure if they really are as unbelievable as they are made out to be but I'd like to try and find out.
  9. A hall stand for our foyer. The area really needs something there as its so bare but it needs to be slimline and I'd prefer without too much storage so it doesn't become another dumping ground.
  10. Flat boots. this is another item I have been searching for forever it seems. I have a leather pair I bought for some ridiculous price years ago (like $20) that I have literally worn to death but I just can't find another decent pair to replace them with. I adore these Tory Burch ones pictured and they are on sale at the moment ...
  11. Bathroom towels... I don't actually need any, I have at least 4 sets of good quality towels but I adore the Missoni print and the way they would brighten up the overwhelming 'white' of our bathrooms.
  12. Artwork. There are too many bare walls in our house so I'm working on filling some in with colour. I have ordered a few of my favourite pictures on canvas but would love to mix in some artwork with them.
  13. Tory Burch baby bag... yes, I'm obsessed with TB at the moment. I just really like the style and functionality of her basics and while I have decided I won't bother getting another baby bag (given my handbag collection and that I have 3 specific baby bags) but this is a wish list!
what's on your wishlist?

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  1. I had a mason pearson brush growing up and I remember it being all I would let my mum brush my hair with. But that was a long time ago and there are so many cheaper brushes out there, no idea if they are still that exceptional!

    1. Thanks Kacie, good to know re the brush... I just can't bring myself to spend that much with cheaper options available.


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