Some of our favourite things right now


Our favourites

1. Country Road Dragon print pants - love that these have a zippered ankle and are perfect for dressing up, work or the weekend.

2. Hocus Pocus the movie - one of my all time childhood favourites, I was reminded of it recently from Jessica at Little Baby Garvin's blog ( I had forgotten just how funny this movie is and how much I love Bette Midler, SJP & Kathy Najimy- a classic for sure!

3. Bubbles - Ethan, Scott and I are just loving bubbles and have wands stashed all over the house. Every time E catches sight of a wand he goes crazy shouting 'bubble bubble bubble' until we get cracking on blowing them. My favourite are the Moose brand ones E got for his birthday (thanks A) as they smell good enough to eat, have good bubble production per dip (very scientific) and the bottle seems neverending.

4. Mason jars - another Little Baby Garvin inspired love. For drinking, storage (ear buds, bobby pins etc) etc I just love how fun these are.

5. Mexican food - We love Mexican food in this house but more than ever lately. Some hits this month have been an amazing chicken nachos made with shredded roast chicken and Mission's new chipotle &d black bean salsa and Quesadillas made using Brooke from Our Happy Day's blog 'Fiesta chicken' recipe (

6. My Fun VIP 3 park fun pass - considering each theme park is $90 per adult per visit, these passes are just the best value. These passes are $99 each and as we've already used them twice in the two week's we have had them, they have already paid for themselves. Seaworld is great for E with the animals to see and Wet'n Wild is ideal with the weather warming up as its about 15 mins from home so we can pop there after nap-time on the weekend to have a splash for an hour or two.

7. Glasshouse Candles - particularly Cuba, Rio and Coney Island. I love lighting one of these on a Saturday morning once I sit down after Ethan has gone down for a nap and I've finished tidying up. The scents give instant relaxation and make our home smell amazing.

8. Crayola My First Crayons - I pop E in the high chair on our balcony most sunny weekends with some paper and these crayons so he can exercise his inner Picasso. Mostly he just bites or throws the crayons but we do get the occasional scribble and he seems to enjoy it.

9.  Burleigh Heads beach & park - we love walking a long this strip on the weekends and playing at the park afterwards. We really do live in a stunning part of the World and are blessed to have areas like this to visit and use.

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