The weekend that was


I was spoilt with a long weekend this past weekend. My dad had his Order of Australia Medal presented on Friday at Government House so my mum, sister and nieces made the trip with him to see it presented by the Governor General. It was a perfect day and a fitting ceremony for such an enormous honour followed by an elegant champagne reception complete with delicious cucumber sandwiches.

We also had the pleasure of meeting Casey Stoner, his wife Adriana and their daughter Ally at the ceremony as Casey was being honoured with an AM. As they were the only others in attendance with a child, we kind of gravitated towards each other and the girls played together. I can say they are an absolutely delightful couple. Genuine, down to earth and just really nice people.

Scott had Saturday off this week which was enough to make E and I happy campers but throw in Seaworld and our day started at 6am because E was too excited to sleep ... not really, he always gets up early so I don't think it was Seaworld that did it.

We met Scott's family at Seaworld to celebrate SiL and our niece's birthday. Lots of fun was had watching the animals, going on the kiddie rides and sampling an ice block for the first time. E was in heaven, especially with their new Dinosaur island exhibit given his new favourite word and toys are 'Dinosaur'. He also clapped for the dolphins and was fascinated by the polar bear - unfortunately the cubs still weren't out to play. We capped off the day with a very tired poppet who crashed out before we even left the parking lot.

After Seaworld, we all met at Scott's parents home for pizzas in Father in Law's wood fire oven. I made the dough earlier in the week (my kitchenaid means it takes all of 20 mins for 3 lots equaling 9 bases) and topped the pizzas for everyone when we arrived because I'm a control freak when it comes to topping pairing and placement.

It was a celebratory night of good food, good company and lots of good drink - the in-laws love to sample different wines and beers and always have a good supply on hand. We also had fun correcting Scott with a blindfolded sampling after he told us the aerator was pointless. We converted after our little experiment and he concurred it was a pretty nifty little device.

Sunday was a low key day at home for E and I, catching up on housework, doing some baking and a few errands.

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  1. So much to love in this post. Woidire pizza, seaworld and your father's medal. So exciting!

    1. Awww thanks HiH ... it was a pretty fabulous weekend x


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