Monthly update: 15 months


Age: 15 Months

Stats: no weighing or measuring this month so nothing to share.

Clothes: definitely a size 1 in tees now but my little poppet is still too narrow in the waist and short in length for size 1/12-18m bottoms. 

Favorite Foods: mini homemade quiche, nanananas (bananas), weetbix, cheese, frozen berries of any kind, steamed fish with a light lemon garlic marinade - he inhales this and would eat it every night if we offered it.

Favorite Words: So many words now, its crazy how quickly their vocabulary expands. Boat, bus, truck and ball are the most used while my wonderful sister and brother taught him 'noooooo' complete with head shake which he says often and with giggles because he knows its cheeky. The one that shocked us the most though was 'dinosaur' - he said it loud and clear just the other night while picking up his stuffed Ethandactyl toy and is now obsessed with them in books etc.

Favorite Activities: definitely still dancing but he is also loving climbing up and down the stairs - front on now which is a bit scary for mummy, stirring the mixing bowl - he has a little bowl and spatula and one day just started stirring them, now he likes to sit on the floor of the kitchen when I bake with his little bowl and spatula. His favourite time of the day is when daddy gets home... he hears the door open and goes crazy, running to balustrades and looking down calling 'dadadadadada' - talk about a King's welcome.

Least Favorite Activities: same as last month, having the remotes/phone etc taken off him and mummy not picking him up RIGHT NOW. These both lead to all out tantrums including running and standing in a corner of whatever room we are in, throwing himself on the floor or running off to hide in his tent.

His Favorite Things: his Chicago Bulls mini basketball, Fisher Price jungle animals and their accessories, bubbles ... the $1 Kmart/Big W bubble wands are this little guy's favourite entertainment at the moment and as soon as he spies a wand, its 'bubble gah gah gah bubble bubble' (translation of 'bubbles ta ta ta') so we spend lots of time outside in the sun blowing and chasing bubbles and I must say, I had forgotten the magical and wonder of bubbles until now. While we are outside, E is loving to play at his Little Tikes Pirate Ship water table, splashing and putting his face in. We both love the Disney Aladdin movie - we have it on for car trips and he loves to 'sing' with the Genie and Aladdin numbers and I love having it as background noise and singing along while driving. Did you have or do you remember Glow-worm toys as a child? My mum bought Ethan one and he loves to sit, press the tummy and sway to the lullabies ... I'm trying to use it as part of a new bedtime routine we are trying at the moment as he has never taken to comforters like a teddy or blanket.

Our 15 month favourites

My Favorite Things: Baby Bjorn - I have always kept it in my pram and it kills my shoulders as E is really to big for it now but its a lifesaver at the shops when i don't have time to let him walk and he won't sit in the pram. Ethan's new Bento lunchbox for daycare and my Bento accessories ... its so much fun to create and pack his lunch each week (I will do a post on the lunches once we have had a few (only 2 so far as he only goes to DC once a week). The Vtech Octobubble Orchestra bath toy - it blows bubbles, speaks and plays music so is a big hit with our little water baby and keeps him occupied while we attend to the 'formalities'. The Fred Bare sunhat was a reasonable buy at $19.95 and the best part? E keeps it on his head! I love that its a simple block colour and the toggle to tighten is around his head as he hated the under chin straps.

Signature Moves: blowing kisses and making the mwah sound are my favourite at the moment along with his waddling little run combined with a swinging arm.

Mom's Proudest Moment:  E through a powerpoint adaptor that landed on the top of my foot/toes. It hurt like hell and I started hopping around cursing. Imagine my horror when E copied me, running around in circles, giggling and repeating what I was saying but thankfully mispronouncing the curse word. No more bad words from this mumma now with a little parrot on the loose.

Dad's Proudest Moment: Not a bad one but S took him to a play centre last week and E was running past swinging his arm around. After a while, he noticed E was swinging something in his hand. Turns out he was running around with a $5 note he had picked up somewhere.

Other Milestones: Its been a month of milestones here - we visited the theme parks Wet'n Wild and Seaworld for the first time and he was in heaven, Graduating from Angel Sharks to Gummy Sharks at swimming was the biggest one, a visit to Seaworld with the family (he was in heaven with all the animals) and the other was his very first sleepover at Granny and Granddad's while mummy worked the polling booths on election day

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  1. Dinosaur, that's a good one! My 4 year old is constantly getting 18mth old to repeat words. He tries to repeat them all, and then she comes out with something like:

    "petrol station"

    lol, he's not quite there yet!

    1. Ha ha love 'petrol station' - must try that on E :)

  2. This seems like SUCH a fun age! I can't wait until Sofia is there :)

    Hello Newlywed Life Blog

    1. It really is Megan and its also really exhausting as they are super demanding learning all this new stuff... but I think they all are at some point :)


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