Bento Box Lovin'


I love food and I love making, baking and creating ... especially for Ethan. With E going to daycare now, I need to pack him lunch each week (morning and afternoon tea are supplied) so I've been looking at ways to make his lunches fun, healthy and appetising. I bought some (2) little cutters to use on sandwiches - fish shaped vegemite sandwiches anyone? Then I joined Instagram and started following Mrs Bouw of

I've always been a big fan of Sonia's taste and style but I was completely hooked when she started posting her gorgeous little daughter's weekly daycare lunchbox, 'Bento' style. What a wonderful fun and exciting way to present healthy options and inspire a true love for mealtime in impressionable little people.

It was fated when a local boutique store I adore, Madison Jane (soon to launch a fabulous website so stay tuned as I will do a few posts soon on my favourite products) posted about taking stock of a Bento box range - Itzy Ritzy. I snapped one up quickly for just $19.95 in orange and navy with a monkey on the front - there is a gorgeous little pink owl option for girls too.

Of course a Bento box means accessories are essential and eBay didn't let me down. It turned up literally thousands of Bento accessories. I was fairly restrained (for me anyway) and bought only these options to get us started although let me tell you, I can see many more accessories making their way to Ethan's 'drawer'.

I haven't attempted a bento lunchbox yet as E hasn't been to daycare (public holiday) since I took delivery of all my goodies but follow me on Instagram if you want to see my future efforts... And results.

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