The weekend that was


We enjoyed a fabulous if exhausting weekend here on the Gold Coast.

My Saturday started at 3am... that's not a typo, it really did start at 3am and by my choice not Ethan's. My sister and I were captaining one of Moncrieff's largest booth for our local member in the Federal election and part of that duty is setting up the booth as a 'sea of blue'. We determined that 3am ensured us prime position and little competition... and thankfully we weren't wrong. Here are some pre and post dawn shots to demonstrate how we really did paint the booth a 'sea of blue' - yes, every corflute and banner is ours! Our competition didn't start arriving until 7:30am (polling opened at 8am) and we copped some pretty nasty abuse and aggression from the Labour and Get Up representatives for not leaving anywhere for their signs. In fairness as we pointed out, they were entitled to arrive anytime they liked but so were we and we cared enough to be there early to ensure our message was clear. Labour did nothing to endear themselves to any of us throughout the day with ongoing nastiness and I also observed one of the young booth workers for Labour having a cigarette while handing out how to vote cards - disgusting! Then they packed up at 4pm and left for the day with 2 hours still to go - there's commitment for you.

Polling closed at 6pm and we had to stick around to observe the vote counting as scrutineers. We won our booth by over 500 votes but it made me so angry that there was almost 200 informal votes - either not even marked, filthy drawings and comments or numbered incorrectly. Apparently this was a trend across the booths. Just jumping on my soapbox for a minute - there are people around the World who are literally dying for the right to vote and these people couldn't even be bothered to give 5 minutes to the future of their country.

Saturday night, we of course celebrated our win (by over 20,000 votes) and that we are now in Government  with a big victory party before going home to crash!

There was no sleep in Sunday with the munchkin around so we did some chores in the morning and made the most of a perfect sunny day by heading to Wet'n Wild after naptime. E was in Heaven, loving the water, the slides and all the jets and attractions. He ran from pool to pool, giggling and clapping his hands as we went and squealed with delight when a timed big bucket tipped over and dumped water on his head. He loved an afternoon treat of hot chippies and then it was time to take our worn out boy home.

We purchased the myfun 3 theme park passes and I'm so excited about making the most of them with E - we are headed to Seaworld on Saturday with Scott's family for our niece's 1st birthday and if its another hot Sunday, I think I will take E to Wet'n Wild again for a little afternoon play. I can see us getting lots of use out of our passes as its easy enough to head to a theme park for a few hours after nap time and a lot of fun for us all. We are so spoilt living on the Gold Coast with so many great options for entertainment and the passes are only $99.95 for a year of unlimited entry to Seaworld, Movieworld and WW while single entry to each is normally over $50 per person.

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