Monthly update: 13 months


Age: 13 Months

Stats: Too heavy to be carried everywhere! I even have him climb our stairs so I don't have to carry him up everytime. I don't have E regularly weighed and never have. I figure if his appetite is healthy and he is meeting milestones, it really doesn't matter what percentile he is in.

Clothes: size 0 pjs - the 1s are a little long in the leg, size 0 or 6/12 months pants for my shortie and size 1 or 12/18 month tops & jackets.

Favorite Foods: cheese - especially the Stringer sticks, blueberries (and back in season thankfully so not costing as much as jewelry), ice cream - dearest Aunty Karly gave him a few bites at State of Origin and he's hooked... goes crazy if he sees it, potato chips - dearest granddad gave him one to nibble and again, hooked. In healthier choices, he sampled and became instantly obsessed with green smoothies on the weekend. 

Favorite Words: granddad swears he heard 'Circus' last week ... I think granddad may need his hearing checked. Definitely making sounds for crocodile (his bath toy) 'doca doca doca dil' and motorbike.  

Favorite Activities: walking everywhere! He doesn't want to be carried, he just wants down and off he races to explore which is so fun for me to watch as the joy on his face makes my heart squeeze at his innocence and wonder in the Word. He also loves 'working' with his tool set, singing and any songs with actions. Chasing/pushing the vacuum is also a big favourite - who needed expensive walkers after all. E is also loving his swimming lessons - we started him at 4 months and we are now seeing the lessons are sinking in evidenced by the way he lays down on his tummy and turns around to climb into my parents' pool 'safely' on the step the way he has been taught.

Least Favorite Activities: sitting in the highchair for meals - he loves food but hates sitting still and being confined. 

His Favorite Things: Books - loving those with lift up flats like My Nose My Toes and Me, Leap Frog barnyard mash up - it sings and makes animal noises so is fascinating for long stretches, cars/trucks - the little Go Go cars from Kmart are the most popular as they light up and make sounds and are great to throw in my baby bag for on the go, Little Tikes truck - E got this for his birthday from my sister and brother and their families and he loves being pushed around in it or climbing in and sitting there honking the horn, F&P Little People airport - he's a fan of sitting in the middle of the track and giggling or zooming the cars and plane around, toy tools - my dad recently decked a part of their yard and E picked up a trick or 2 as he now potters around with his toy hammer banging on the floor ... super cute!

My Favorite Things: Avent grown up cup - it teaches babies to drink out of a real cup without all the mess, Mocka high chair - a cheaper option to the gorgeous Stokke & Leander chairs and I love that it brings E up to the table with us and is practical till he is 6, Summer Tiny Dinner mats are lifesavers when dining out (some restaurant HCs are so grubby or don't have trays) or at home with the Mocka chair, smock bibs - don't laugh these save multiple outfit changes and allow you to let bub go with exploring foods and textures, Bonds spotty onesie - super cute and snug for bed but also I love that E looks younger and more like a baby in these, Huggies pure wipes - E has always had a super sensitive bum and very prone to nappy rash so these are the only wipes we have found that don't give him any rash.

Signature Moves: swaggering and clapping or waving his arms, clicking his tongue, pursing his lips and making sounds, running between Scott and I and throwing his arms out for cuddles.

Mom's Proudest Moment:  grabbing him from under a treehouse before he could rip up the flower display and smacking his poor head into an extended beam... then running into his kindy teacher while he was still teary. Bad mumma :(

Dad's Proudest Moment: stripping E off before bath to have nudie time and let it go a little too long ... poor daddy stepped in poop after not watching where he was going. Yes, I cried with laughter at Scott's total horror.

Other Milestones: surviving daycare ... the first day his carers reported he was a little sad and clingy but day 2 the following week was much better and after tears when I left, he happily played, had a decent nap and ate all his meals. We are lucky that he only goes once a week and only for a 5 hour or so day because Grammy can pick him up mid afternoon. 

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