I confess...


Bloggers, instagrammers, facebook users, tweeters ... are all accused of only sharing the perfect moments of their lives so here goes with my confessions to a not so perfect life:

Ethan loves to bop along to Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines and knows the video clip by the first frame - I do change the channel when Miley Cyrus comes on though.

Ethan has a car DVD player and watches a rotation of Disney movies. My kid despises the car at the best of times and if this gives me even 10 minutes of concentration on the road and driving, I'm sold!

I love a glass of wine or two and yes, I have breastfed after a glass of wine.

Ethan licks the window, the floor and anything else he can reach with his tongue and no, my house is not spotless all the time (or even some of the time).

We turned Ethan from rear facing spot on 6 months despite me being an advocate for rear facing as long as possible. The positioning created more reflux pain for him and this made car travel a little more bearable.

We tried Ethan sleeping on his tummy from about two months (with breathing mats). Sometimes he settled, sometimes he didn't but he survived.

I don't iron ... ever! It gets hung up after washed and chances are if it needs ironing, Scott does it or it never gets worn again.

Our bed is lucky to be made 4 times a week ... and one of those days is by my mother in law (bless her).

I often forget to floss.. last night I realised its been a fortnight.

Some nights I just don't feel like cooking so E gets an omelette and we have toasted sandwiches (or a bag of microwave popcorn). It doesn't do any of us any harm.

I often have to rinse one load of washing 3 times before I get around to hanging it out.

That's just a few and I think I might start a regular confessions post in the interests of 'keeping it real'.

But you know what? 
I'm a really great mumma to E and a really great wife to S.
I'm not perfect but they don't need perfect, 
they just need me, imperfections and all.

What are your confessions to a less than perfect life ...

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  1. Replies
    1. Yep, I'm sure we all have plenty of 'confessions' lol X

  2. Yep can relate to some of your confessions. My current one's are:

    1) I've stopped forcing my toddler to eat meals and let him graze on various snacks all day. He may or may not develop poor eating habits but I can't deal with the constant battle / power struggle at meal times.
    2) Besides re assemble the cot and wash first son's out grown baby clothing I haven't done anything else in preparation for the birth of our second child. I haven't even packed a hospital bag and I could potentially pop any day
    3) I'm an emotional wreak at the moment but I'm just hiding it from my husband and family cause I don't want to talk about it.

    1. Good to know I'm not alone here :)
      1) I went through a period of this - I think it comes in stages.
      2) Understandable really, you don't have the time like with B1 and it doesn't seem as new or imperative because you know that really, you probably will have time while in labour and that worst case, you don't really need any of it anyway.
      3) I'm sorry to hear this - I have been feeling similarly this past few weeks. My email is reneeawhitehead@gmail.com if you want to PM for a chat - sometimes its easier to talk to a stranger. xxx

  3. I wear wrinkled clothes and eat instant noodles when I feed myself, so there... no one's perfect anyways! :)

    1. Lol love it!
      I'm a fan of instant noodles sometimes too :)

  4. Nodding away with you there Renee!


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