It was my birthday this week... another year passed already. Where do the years go?

As usual, S bought me the perfect gifts without a huge amount of guidance on my part. My wishlist was relatively vague including a new watch and a black leather bag. He surpassed all expectations with a beautiful Michael Kors rose gold watch and the Oroton Alpine Hobo. Both entirely practical and gorgeous. He also surprised me with a drinks urn he knew I had been mulling over to buy for awhile. He picked the perfect style and I can't wait to fill it with water, ice and fruit slices for hot Summer days and entertaining.

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I had the pleasure of starting my day with my two boys and Ethan loved getting in on the gift giving and unwrapping. There was something so perfect about having him come running into the bedroom shouting 'mumma mumma mumma' with glee, arms outstretched with my birthday card. It reminded me how truly blessed I am.

Rather than head straight to the office, I attended a morning tea meeting with the Moncrieff women of the LNP at Evergreen where we had coffee and cake while discussing the latest news... a pretty fun way to start work really. When I finally did make it to the office, my very thoughtful boss and assistant had beautiful flowers and assortment of tarts and muffins to acknowledge my birthday and I got to leave a little early too and spend the afternoon with my boys before we headed out for Mexican with my family.

It was a wonderful birthday and I had a lovely day but like I said earlier, where do the years go? In some ways it feels like I was only celebrating my 23rd birthday a couple of years ago, not almost 10 and it reminds me, the days are long but the years are short so make the most of each minute.

With this in mind, I have a few things I want to do before my next birthday:

  1. Be thankful - everyday write a list of 10 things in my life I am thankful for and take the time to reflect on those.
  2. Take a family holiday - we have two booked already so this one is easy
  3. Host a Halloween themed celebration - this is in the works so stay tuned
  4. Spend the day at a spa with my mum and sister
  5. Have a proper date night every fortnight with Scott 
  6. Broaden my cooking horizons by trying one new recipe each week - I used to be good at this but have stuck to what I know the past year
  7. Make time to exercise and make healthier food choices
  8. Keep striving to be the best wife and mumma possible
  9. Go to bed earlier
  10. Have baby #2 God willing
  11. Challenge myself ... with a new hobby or interest, study ... I'm not quite sure how what or where, this is something to work on
  12. Declutter my life in ever area and surround myself with only that which I need or makes me happy

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