12 months of picks for mum and bub


Things we loved over the first 12 months ...

For sleep
Fisher price Rock n play - I've mentioned it here many times. Without this, we would never have slept. My sister also used this for my niece (didn't have reflux) and she too slept better with the slight incline and rocking. Best part, it's nice and low so you can rock bub while still in bed. Our expensive bassinet ended up a white elephant.
Ergo pouches - swaddling is hardwork and most babes seem to be Houdini type escape artists in them. These make life so much easier and even though they may protest initially, they sleep so much better in them.

For breast feeding 
Nursing pillow - I used it everyday from birth till about 6 months old and will use it again for comfort and the ease with positioning and support it provides.
Medela swing pump - fast, quiet and super easy to use. I went with the cheaper Tommee Tippee option initially but this one wins hands down for results.
Medela calma teats - a great invention for breast fed or windy babies. These are the only bottles E would always take from (and we tried every possible brand).
Swissper bags - economical in price and pack size although unfortunately can be hard to track down.
Hands free pumping bra - a life saver to make expressing just that little bit more bearable. I actually worked as normal while pumping when I returned after maternity leave so it made expressing less disruptive for me.
ABA membership book and class - the best possible start if you are determined to breast feed. It gave me lots of knowledge and empowerment to get through those tricky early days.
Bf basket - if you are going to bf, make sure to prepare on of these. Pack a basket with snacks, pen, journal, water bottle, books/magazines etc and keep it near your nursing chair. As soon as you sit down to feed bub, there is inevitably a million things you need but you're stuck. This prevents you getting stuck.
Lansinoh - to save your cracked nipples in the early days. Apply often and liberally. Also good is straight lanolin.
Loveable feeding tops - these seamless ones were my favorite and I lived in them in the first few months so have lots on rotation.

For skincare and bath time
Desitin - best cream ever for nappy rash as it works to heal as well as protect. We had crash, sudocream, bepanthen etc but this had the fastest results. I also found my nipple cream was a great barrier too.
Huggies pure wipes - E has always had a sensitive bot and will flare up with any and all wipes bar these so I stock up whenever I see them.
Huggies nappies - my favorite in newborn, infant and whatever the next size up is. We had some leaks early on, I contacted huggies, sent them some samples, turns out they were a faulty batch so they replaced them no problem with double what I had. Great customer service!
Johnsons baby oil - use for cradle cap, dry skin... An oldie but a goodie.
Bath seat - this was (and still is at times), a life saver as it prevents E slipping and or standing up when I'm trying to bath him. It also supports him (once he was sitting) so I could use 2 hands for bathtime.
Baby bath - we tried the Fisher Price moulded bath with all the bells and whistles. In short, E hated it and screamed blue murder every bath. We tried at my mum's with her big deep cheapy baby bath and guess what? He loved it ... I think because it was nice and deep with lots of room for him to float in. We started using the normal tub though at about 3 months.

On the go
Bugaboo pram - I love love love my pram. Easy to fold, light, easy to steer, narrow enough to fit in almost any doorway, stylish with lots of colour options and comfortable for bub at any age. I have NEVER regretted having this pram.
Sheepskin for pram - my mum bought me the Big W Dymples pram sheepskin and it turns out it could have been made by Bugaboo. It fits perfectly as though cut for the cameleon and being wool, it's perfect for bub's comfort in summer or winter.
Lamaze pram toys - cute, colorful and with lots of sensory features in many different characters, these are great for newborns to toddlers and clip on to prams, seats etc.
Oroton bag - I love that it doesn't look completely like a baby bag and can be used by me after baby grows up too. Lots of pockets for the many items I need to tote around but reasonably slimline.
Bright Starts trolley cover - I laughed when my mum gave me this but I now love it. E loves sitting up in the trolley and I love that it gives him some padding, some protection against the germy handle (I've seen children sucking them at times) plus it has loops to attach toys and pockets I hide snacks and dummies in.
Baby bjorn - early on, E used to refuse to stay in the pram so this was my lifesaver and lived in the basket of my pram. Also great for days out to the beach etc where a pram can be a bit impractical.
Muslin wraps - I never used them for swaddles but found them invaluable as sun protection, padding, spitup towels, makeshift playmats while out etc.
Hand sanitiser - I kept a tube everywhere ... In my baby bag, in the pram, on the changetable etc and used it constantly.
Bugaboo pram organizer - handy so you don't have to be digging in your baby bag or pram basket for wallet, keys, phone.

Sophie teether - easy to hold, soothes inflamed sore teething gums, squeaky and great to throw in your baby bag while out and about.
Jumperoo - we have the one pictured and E was in it from about 4 months. He loved it from day one till about 10 months and we could get a good length of time to get things done while he was occupied, safe and stimulated.
F&P walker - this particular walker was brilliant as it had a slower roll than others out there so less risk of him building up too much speed and flying out from under him whilst unsteady and getting his balance.
Bright Starts playmat - lights, music... This was used everyday several times a day from birth to 5 months.


Bonds wondersuits - warm, super cute and very practical. The new 2 way zip ones are especially great - press studs are pretty evil during midnight changes on a cold winter night. You cannot have enough of these!

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