Nappy rash


Yep, nappy rash! All the glamorous topics are covered right here ;)

Ethan has always had a very sensitive little bot that has been prone to flare up from the slightest things like a very lightly wet nappy (we change him almost every 2 hours except overnight), the wrong brand of wipes and now, eating certain foods.

We used Huggies newborn nappies from day one and now in toddler size, we alternate between Huggies and Babylove (although mostly Huggies). These are the only nappies that seem to keep him comfortable dry and don't cause or exacerbate any rashes. Snugglers and any other brand for that matter did us no favours and despite being much cheaper, we had to change him twice as often so the savings weren't felt.

We also identified baby wipes as major culprit in causing irritation for Ethan and in the earliest days we only used a warm wet cloth or throwaway chux type clothes on his bot. We tried every brand imaginable in the beginning from Johnsons, Huggies, Curash, Coles etc in fragrance free, sensitive and every other variation but they all had the same effect of redness within a few changes.

Then my mother came across Huggies Pure wipes. The pack promises to be as gentle as water and cotton wool and what do you know, the advertising was true. We have managed to expand our wipes range to include the Huggies 'natural' range which is a relief as the 'pure' ones can be hard to locate. Now I just make sure if I see either range around, I buy 10 packs to store.

I have also tried every imaginable cream from Sudo, Benpathen, Curash and even used my Lansinoh nipple cream as a barrier when need be. I have found each cream seems to have a different strength of purpose. For example, Sudo works as a great barrier but not so much as a healer for us while I found Curash pretty much useless despite coming highly recommended from the child health nurse. Benpathen I used in sample form but it didn't seem to perform optimally as a barrier or healer.

For us, once redness or a rash has appeared, I've found lathering a thick application of Desitin cream on every nappy change and overnight, clears it up within 24 hours. It seems that Desitin is the best at healing the damage.

To prevent redness and rashes, ie. apply if we are trying new foods or overnight, Lansinoh or my Mothercare pure lanolin nipple creams worked best as a barrier. Not surprising, have you ever tried to wipe that stuff of your fingers?

My mother in law at one point suggested painting Ethan's bot with egg whites and allowing to egg dry. Apparently this creates an impenetrable barrier and promotes healing but I never got around to giving it ago.

Any other tips for preventing or treating nappy rash?

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  1. Oh, this is no fun! Do you have Aveeno products in Aussieland? We use Aveeno Soothing Diaper Cream, works everytime! :)

    Hello Newlywed Life Blog

  2. Try nappymate paste. You can find it at chemist warehouse. Great stuff ♥


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