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If you're a long time reader of my dribble, you may recall my very first post over at Gold Coast Real Estate Girl. For those that don't, here it is ... http://gcrealestategirl.blogspot.com.au/2010/06/world-cup-widow.html
I was bemoaning the fact that I was a World Cup widow but if you continued to read, I got right into the series and even got up for the 1am odd games.

Three years on and the World Cup is coming again. If you're a football fan, you will know the draw for Brazil was done on Friday night at the oh so civilised 3am. Sadly, Australia didn't fare so well in the draw being an unseeded team but I think the media's 'Group of Death' is more than a little bit of an exaggeration. Especially given England, the USA and company didn't fare much better in their Groups.

Obviously no one wants to draw raining champs Spain, Chile AND 2010 runners-up the Netherlands but then again, no one wants Brazil, Portugal or Ghana to name a few either. Scott tells me we are screwed in his oh so succinct summation but I think at best, its an opportunity for our Socceroos to fire up and play against the best there is in the World and if nothing else, take some lessons from the matches for next time and towards preparation for the Asian Cup. At worst, we are done after three games but at least we can say we were there.

I quite liked former Socceroo, Craig Moore's, take on our draw when he likened it to a draw in the Champions league where everyone was worried about their team playing the 2 powerhouse teams in the group and  an unnoticed Valencia slipped through and went on to win the group.

Are you excited for the World Cup? Are you planning to watch the games live next year ... I must admit, my timing is once again impeccable with this pregnancy. E was born right around the Olympics so there was plenty of midnight television that was actually worth watching during all those night feeds and all that rocking and if B2 proves to be similar to E in this regard, then at least I will have the World Cup to look forward to at 2am.

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