Monthly update: 18 months


Age: 18 Months ... and oh my goodness, could being a mumma get to be anymore fun than it is right now! I have loved every second with E but at this age there is such an emphasis on fun and play.

Stats: I would be guessing around 12-12.5kg ... looking healthy with his little belly and a good appetite.

Clothes: definitely into the 18m-24m size t-shirts  but still narrow in the waist and fitting his size 0 shorts and pants.

Favorite Foods: still with the berries, especially blueberries and also watermelon I cut into star shapes. He is also loving cheese sticks, apple cereal bars and lightly marinated panfried white fish - this stuff gets inhaled! Ethan is still on a regular dose of Losec so no acidic foods here still including anything tomato based - my poor baby has never even had spaghetti bol! I can't wait to introduce it to him one day and our doctor tells us he will eventually grow out of it.

Favorite Words: in typical boy fashion, he can distinguish between trucks and the latest is 'digger'. He also uses 'pease' often as we got sick of the whining for want 'uh uh uh uh' whenever he wanted to be picked up or wanted something so we now ask him to use his words and he will say 'mummy/daddy pease' and point to what he wants. Its so cute and really such a big milestone. He has a huge vocabulary that just blows me away and the latest is stringing words together. A few weeks ago in the bath waiting for Scott to get home, E called out 'dadddeeee where arrrrr yoooooo'. It was the all time cutest. I've also been spending a bit of time working on counting and colours with his toys and he can now identify if there are 2 of something and will fill in the blanks of counting 1-4. For a bit of fun, we also taught him 'number one boy' this month complete with a hand signal as he is the only grandson/nephew on both sides ... it gets lots of giggles.

Favorite Activities: Dancing and music bring the most joy ... to all of us really, so each morning after breakfast is done and we are all dressed, we head down to the playroom and bop along to some Wiggles to get the day started. Playing cars and his imaginative play is also starting to develop I've noticed and he will sit at his Little People airport for quite awhile moving vehicles around the tracks, changing people in and out of them and zooming the planes in the air. I'm glad we've got a few Little People sets ready for Christmas to add to the collection.

Least Favorite Activities: getting dressed is a battle this month - putting anything on him is a battle and involves singing and lots of distraction.


His Favorite Things: definitely still the Christmas tree, lights and associated decorations ... he loves looking at them and continues to be not too destructive when it comes to the tree, only pulling off the occasional bauble for closer inspection. Christmas carols are popular too and he loves singing and dancing to them with me, especially to my old classic favourite, Disney's Christmas Carols complete with Mickey, Donald and Goofy. We had an early present opening at my parents this week as we will all be away camping together Christmas day and didn't want to lug all the kids gifts with us so the very biggest hits from E's ridiculous haul were a giant rubber T-Rex dinosaur from Aunty K that now needs to dine with us at every meal and the Little Tikes Lawn Mower from my parents... no kidding, sun up to sun down he is zooming around the house with this thing!

My Favorite Things: despite it being Summer, our Vicks Vaporiser is getting quite the workout every night as we have all been struck down with a cold. Cutlery is also a favourite at the moment as my 'precious' little boy has decided fingers are no longer for him and he now requires a fork at dinner time to dine so I'm loving this Hungry Little Caterpillar set with nice blunt prongs.

Signature Moves: like last month, the blowing kisses with the 'mwah' sound effect and hand signing for 'I love you' are melting every one's hearts along with his big wave and 'byyyyyyyyy'. I swear, these are the cutest things you could ever imagine coming from your baby. Tip-toeing is another fun move of his and he insists we all follow him doing it. He is also jumping - walking along and will start doing it however its the funniest thing to watch as he hasn't quite mastered both feet off the ground together so its quite uncoordinated.

Mom's Proudest Moment:  some real doozy's this month! Since weaning, E won't nap for me and its made for some very upsetting and fraught weekends while Scott is at work. He sleeps for everyone else no problem at all but for me, poor E is literally so tired he is running into walls or falling down but as soon as I try to get him down, he becomes hysterical and does not calm till we give up (even after 45mins of me trying to rock, cuddle, snuggle etc while he sobbed). So early this month, I became THAT parent. At the end of my sanity, I put him in the car and drove. He was asleep within 10 minutes so I headed home with my now sleeping baby and made the decision to leave him in the car all opened up in our garage. HE SLEPT FOR 90 MINUTES! Sometimes you've just got to cut yourself some slack and go with what works.

Other Milestones: the biggest this month would have to be his comprehension and communication. He grasp and understanding of what we say to him is incredible and he mimics just about everything we say and do. He only needs to be shown something or told something once before he does it or knows what we want him to do. We have also found that we can give him instruction that he follows and we are able to negotiate a little as well ie. we can go watch Iggle Piggle if you put your pjs on.

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